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Nov-Dec 2010 Servants' News
  • Ending the Era, Expanding the Outreach  by Norman Edwards
Sept-Oct 2010 Servants' News
  • Should Christians Help the Poor?  by Norman Edwards
  • Our National Problems Need Spiritual Solutions  by Norman Edwards
Sept-Oct 2009 Servants' News
  • Stones for an Unseen Building  by Norman Edwards
  • Wonderful Feast in Utica  by Norman Edwards
July-Aug 2009 Servants' News
  • Faith to Face the Future  by Norman Edwards
  • What is True Forgiveness?  by Norman Edwards
May-June 2009 Servants' News
  • To Whom Does God Give Authority for Civil Government, Today? (Part 1)  by Norman Edwards
Sept-Oct 2008 Servants' News
  • Biblical Economy!  by Norman Edwards
  • Understanding Unnatural Divergence in financial Markets  by Michael R. Zaeske
July-Aug 2008 Servants' News
  • PABC Foundation Laid: Who Will Build?  by Norman Edwards
  • People of the Passover ...From Best to Worst  by Norman Edwards
July-Aug 2007 Servants' News
  • What does the Bible say about Education? / Teaching Believers  by Norman Edwards
  • What Does the Bible say about Education? / Teaching Young People  by Norman Edwards
  • 2007 G.C. Convention Church of God (Seventh Day)  by Norman Edwards
Jan-Feb 2006 Servants' News
  • How Do We Prevent Another Lost Generation in the Church of God?  by Roger Waite
  • Port Austin Bible Campus: a New Home, a New Hope  by Norman Edwards
  • SN Restarts! Please Return Response Page!  by Norman Edwards
May-June 2003 Servants' News
  • Gifts and Governance  by Toli Bohonik
  • Church of God Fellowship-One Solution to Governance  by Norman Edwards
  • No SN Final Decision Yet, Much Interest  by Norman Edwards
Mar-Apr 2003 Servants' News
  • Should Servants' News Continue?  by Norman Edwards
  • Needed: Sabbatarian Educational Environment For Young People  by Norman Edwards
  • Churches with 501(c)(3) Have Agreed Not to Proclaim Anything  by Norman Edwards
Jan-Feb 2003 Servants' News
  • Beholding the Lord in Our Presence  by Jerry Laws
  • The Mechanics of the Law and Its Biblical Application  by Ray Serrano
Nov-Dec 2002 Servants' News
  • Story of Grace  by Delmar Leger
Sept-Oct 2002 Servants' News
  • Hastings Feast 2002: Blessings from God  by Norman Edwards
  • Keep the Feast in 2003!  by Norman Edwards
  • Feast 2002 Reports from Other Sites  [various authors]
July-Aug 2002 Servants' News
  • Help Answer Bible Questions from New Believers  by Alan Ruth (editor)
  • Using Our Gift of Knowledge  by Norman Edwards
May-June 2002 Servants' News
  • The Spirit of Reconciliation  by Wayne Schatzle
  • The Vine and the Vinedresser  by Toli Bohonik
Mar-Apr 2002 Servants' News
  • Church Bible Teaching Ministry Documents  by Norman Edwards
Jan-Feb 2002 Servants' News
  • Feast 2002 in Hastings, Michigan: Preparation for Righteous Rulership  by Norman Edwards
  • Dominating Faith  by Morris C. Kerry, Jr.
  • Why More on Hierarchical Leader Letter?  by Norman Edwards
Nov-Dec 2001 Servants' News
  • "Christ...Leaving Us an Example"  by Norman Edwards
  • Baptism & Passover: Two Pictures of Our Need for Christ  by Jerry Laws
Sept-Oct 2001 Servants' News
  • Answers to "Hierarchical Leader" Letter  by Norman Edwards
  • Chadron State Park 2001 Feast  by Norman Edwards
  • Keeping the Feast in Jerusalem  by David King
July-Aug 2001 Servants' News
  • The Living and the Dead  by Norman Edwards
  • Building a Healthy Church  [author for other publication]
May-June 2001 Servants' News
  • Living in the Times of the Fourth Beast  by Toli Bohonik
  • Building Effective Congregations  by Norman Edwards
Mar-Apr 2001 Servants' News
  • Your Word Is Truth  by Norman Edwards
Jan-Feb 2001 Servants' News
  • Tethered to Christ  by Toli Bohonik
Nov-Dec 2000 Servants' News
  • Feast 2001: Chadron State Park  by Norman Edwards
  • Where Do Women Fit in the Church?  by Linda Hardy White
Sept-Oct 2000 Servants' News
  • Port Austin, Michigan Feast of Tabernacles 2000  by Norman Edwards
July-Aug 2000 Servants' News
  • Working with "Other Groups": How Do We Do It?  by Norman Edwards
May-June 2000 Servants' News
  • Do We Need Religious Teachers?  by Pam Dewey
  • Biblical Elders Needed for Healings?  by John Leitch
Mar-Apr 2000 Servants' News
  • The Love of God  by John Eastman
  • Are We Living in the "Last Days"?  by Norman Edwards
Jan-Feb 2000 Servants' News
  • Passover 2000: Confessing the Sins of the Past & Moving On  by Norman Edwards
  • Have We Been Missing the Point of Unleavened Bread?  by Mike Hurst
  • A Most Significant Passover  by Pam Dewey
Nov-Dec 1999 Servants' News
  • Eternal Judgment Paper Included!  by Norman Edwards
  • Seeking Local Group & Evangelism Editor  by Norman Edwards
  • Judge Nothing Before the Appointed Time  by Tommy Willis
  • Feast 2000: Michigan or Rocky Mtns?  by Norman Edwards
Sept-Oct 1999 Servants' News
  • Spiritual Food... or Slow Poison?  by Pam Dewey
  • Feast 1999  by Norman Edwards
  • Why Did This Issue Take So Long?  by Norman Edwards
July-Aug 1999 Servants' News
  • Lost Books of the Bible?  by Pam Dewey
  • "But ...They Helped Me"  by Norman Edwards
  • Our Weekly Sabbath Rest: A Reminder of Our Rest from Sin  by John Eastman
May-June 1999 Servants' News
  • Where Are You on the Field?  by Norman Edwards
  • Be Ready for Feast 1999  by Norman Edwards
  • Servants' News Moving On  by Norman Edwards
March-April 1999 Servants' News
  • The Origin & Implication of "Clergy" & "Laity"  by John Bair
  • Laying on of Hands (The Error of Simon Magus)  by Jon D. Pike
Jan-Feb 1999 Servants' News
  • The WCG Experience: Facing the Past and Putting It to Work for the Future  by Norman Edwards
December 1998 Servants' News
  • Was Herbert Armstrong the Only One to Teach Sabbath, Holy Days, & Unclean Meats?  by Norman Edwards
  • Why Should We Challenge Herbert Armstrong, a Man Who Did Such a Big Work?  by Norman Edwards
November 1998 Servants' News
  • Herbert W. Armstrong: How Do We Regard His Teaching?  by Norman Edwards
Sept-Oct 1998 Servants' News
  • Does Christ Need a Marketing Plan?  by Norman Edwards
  • How Should We Keep the Feast of Tabernacles?  by Norman Edwards
August 1998 Servants' News
  • Feast of Trumpets--The First Trumpet Blast  by W.L. Schneider
  • Day of Atonement--How to Overcome Sin  by Toli Bohonik
  • Feast of Tabernacles--Don't Appear Empty  by Pam Dewey
July 1998 Servants' News
  • New Edition of How Does The Eternal Govern Through Humans? With This Issue  by Norman Edwards
  • How Narrow a Gate Are You Entering?  by Norman Edwards
June 1998 Servants' News
  • Names, Numbers and Nonsense  by Norman Edwards
  • Battle of the Mind  by Morris C. Kerry, Jr.
May 1998 Servants' News
  • Which Groups Teach That There Will Be a Millennium on Earth?  by Pam Dewey
  • The Glory That Shall Be--The Incredible Divinisation of Humans!  by Craig White
March-April 1998 Servants' News
  • What Has Happened to Us?  by Norman Edwards
  • Does the Eternal Have to Use Us to Preach His Final Message?  by Norman Edwards
Jan-Feb 1998 Servants' News
  • Where Does Judaism Fit into New Testament Teaching?  by Norman Edwards
  • Learning a Lesson From the Pharisees  by Richard A. Wiedenheft
December 1997 Servants' News
  • Headline for 2000: Failing Computer Systems Create Global Disaster  by Norman Edwards
November 1997 Servants' News
  • Feast of Tabernacles 1997 in Review  [various authors]
  • Scriptural Evidence for Home Fellowships  by Calvin Lashway
Sept-Oct 1997 Servants' News
  • A Lamentation for the UCG-AIA  by Norman Edwards
  • What is the UCG's Doctrinal Position?  by Craig White
August 1997 Servants' News
  • The Feast of Loudness  by Norman Edwards
  • Feast of Tabernacles--What Does It Symbolize?  by Norman Edwards
July 1997 Servants' News
  • Praising Athletes, Praising Leaders, Praising God  by Norman Edwards
June 1997 Servants' News
  • How To Be An Overcomer  by Norman Edwards
  • How To Grow in Patience  by Richard A. Wiedenheft
May 1997 Servants' News
  • Marriage and Divorce Part II  by Norman Edwards
March-April 1997 Servants' News
  • Cult, Occult, New Age--What Are They?  by Pam Dewey
  • Modern Bible Translations: Tools to Truth or New Age Conspiracy?  by Pam Dewey
Jan-Feb 1997 Servants' News
  • Passover: A Summary of Our Current Understanding  by Norman Edwards
December 1996 Servants' News
  • Be Wise as Serpents, Harmless as Doves  by Norman Edwards
November 1996 Servants' News
  • Marriage & Divorce  by Norman Edwards
  • Where Are the 12 Tribes of Israel Today?  by Norman Edwards
Sept-Oct 1996 Servants' News
  • Why Does Our Father Let Us Believe Error  by Norman Edwards
  • Feast '96: Non-Aligned--The Concept Does Work!  by Norman Edwards
  • Festival '96 Reports  [various authors]
August 1996 Servants' News
  • Dealing With Doctrinal Difference: Toleration, Separation or Forced Conversion?  by Norman Edwards
July 1996 Servants' News
  • Answering the Lord's Prayer?  by Pam Dewey
  • Servants' News Moves to Michigan  by Norman Edwards
June 1996 Servants' News
  • Pastor Resigns from WCG: Against the Leadership, Not Doctrine  by David Covington
  • Grace Vs. Works  by Eric V. Snow
May 1996 Servants' News
  • Tulsa Meeting Agrees to Let Christ Lead  by Norman Edwards
  • The Christian Beacon Lays Foundation  by Norman Edwards
  • Expansion in Russellville, Arkansas  by Larry Lasiter
  • Giving & Sharing and Bible Sabbath Association Expand  by Norman Edwards
March-April 1996 Servants' News
  • Passover: Shadow of Our Savior  by Richard A. Wiedenheft
  • Is Having the Truth Enough?  by Jack Lane
February 1996 Servants' News
  • Worldwide Church of God: Crisis and Lessons  by Samuelle Bacchiocchi
  • Church of God--Adventist  by Richard Nickels
January 1996 Servants' News
  • 1996 FOT-- Would You be Interested in a Non-Aligned Feast?  by Norman Arthur
  • Jubilee '95 Promotes Learning, Toleration  by Norman Edwards
December 1995 Servants' News
  • Independence: Is it Rebellion?  by Norman Edwards
  • UCG Approves Constitution  by Norman Edwards
  • CEM Emerges From CGI Reorganization  by Norman Edwards
November 1995 Servants' News
  • What is the Role of Church Members in Governing the New Testament Church?  by Toli Bohonik
  • Godly Unity  by Norman Arthur
Sept-Oct 1995 Servants' News
  • Church Government--It Doesn't Have To Divide Us!  by Norman Edwards
August 1995 Servants' News
  • The Sound of a Different Drummer  by Robert B. Schimmel
  • Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Leave the Worldwide Church of God  by (holding fast in Meridian, MS)
July 1995 Servants' News
  • Follow Me!??  by Norman Arthur
  • An Open Letter to All the Churches of God  by Angel Gonzalez
June 1995 Servants' News
  • Why are There Divisions in the Church?  by Richard A. Wiedenheft
  • God's True Church  by C. B. [name withheld]
May 1995 Servants' News
  • "But be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves"  by Norman Edwards
  • Summary of Proceedings, UCG-AIA Conference of Elders  by United Church of God
April 1995 Servants' News
  • "For with the judgment you judge..."  by Norman Edwards
  • "You shall be judged"  by Norman Edwards
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