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Various past issues of Servants’ News are available online in both HTML pages and in PDF format to download (click here for PDF page). Most PDFs are in the default US Letter size, as they were printed for the US (size 216 × 279 mm) and some are also available in A4 size, which is used throughout the world except for the USA and Canada (size 210 × 297 mm).

Shelter in the Word is also available in PDF format on this site on the PDF page. That means you can view them on your computer screen as they were originally printed (PDF) or as a page in your web browser. To download the PDF files, you may find it easier to click on the link to a PDF file with the right mouse button (if using Windows) and select the Save Link As... or Save Target As... or similar option. This allows you to save the PDF (Portable Document Format) file onto your computer, which will allow you to view it using Adobe Acrobat Reader (free from Adobe) when offline at any time on your computer, as well as allowing you to print it out.

The latest issues online will always be found here. Note that this might not be latest version in print, as there may be a slight delay in formatting the articles for the internet. A list of all issues available online can be found here.

If you cannot find the issue you are looking for and you are sure it exists, please contact us to request a printed copy, including your name and postal address. E-mail us at or contact us using the details found on the Contact Page. You can also search this site using keywords from the search page here.

If you wish to submit any article or information, please see the Contact Page.

If you wish to report a problem with the web site, e.g. bad link or error in text (technical problems), please contact the Webmaster by e-mail.

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