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July/August 1999

Late Feast News

We are continuing to receive a large number of calls and e-mails about people organizing and looking for Feast sites—even a very few weeks before the Feast begins. We have also found a number of people deciding to stay home for a great variety of reasons. We highly encourage brethren at home to use the feast supplement included after Shelter in the Word as a part of your Feast observance. But if you would still like to go somewhere for the Feast, it is not too late.

The question has come up: “Where does the Eternal ‘place His name’ for the Feast?” Does He place it only where large groups of people meet? Does he place it on cities, or only certain hotels within cities? If two families meet together at home in the same city where a large group is keeping the Feast, are they going where the Eternal “placed His name”? We plan an article about these questions for the next issue.

Sites Not Previously Listed

San Antonio, Texas or Anywhere with a Telephone: The Associated Churches of God (pastored by Ken Westby) and and the Christian Church of God (pastored by Jeff Booth) are sponsoring this site. Everyone is welcome. To attend in person, contact Ken Westby at 253-852-2091. To hear services from your home during the Feast, dial 918-222-7158, then key in code number 0566# when prompted. Daily services are at 10:30 AM Central Time (11:30 Eastern, 9:30 Mountain and 8:30 Pacific Time).

Catalina Island, California: This site is sponsored by the Worldwide Church of God Restored (consisting largely of members who left the Worldwide Church of God at Pentecost this year). Beautiful Catalina Island is located 26 miles off the Coast of Long Beach, California. Activities include a glass-bottom boat excursion, an evening tram ride around the scenic island, a beach party and picnic, and a family dinner dance, to name just a few. These and other activities are sponsored by the Worldwide Church of God, Restored; therefore all costs for these activities will be absorbed by WCGR. The purpose for this is to ensure that brethren on a limited budget will be able to enjoy many exciting family-oriented activities.

Those in attendance can expect dynamic messages with a Millennial theme. This truly will be meat in due season. Six speakers are scheduled, each speaker is a long-time member in God's church with a clear vision of the purpose of this very important season.

The Worldwide Church of God, Restored has negotiated an extraordinary rate with the convention site, making this festival location possibly the most affordable in the United States. All reservations will be made by a Festival Housing Representative. Please contact our Festival Office at 805-527-2810.

Charleston, West Virginia. The meeting place is the Innovation Center at Alum Creek, about 8 miles south of Charleston. Contact Frank Rogers; PO Box 115; Drybranch, WV 25601; 304-595-6648; e-mail: Or, contact John Havir; 28 27th St; Huntingon, WV 25702; 304-523-3576; e-mail

Columbia, Tennessee: Sponsored by the Church of God, Fellowship, Nashville, Tennessee, this site is located at the Henry Horton State Park. Contact Paul Bell at 615-896-9365 or K. Saulsberry at 931-294-2127.

Southern Minnesota & Northern Iowa: Plans include a variety of inter-active Bible studies of topics of group choice, songs of worship, intercessory prayer, children's lessons, fun group activities. We have made reservations at a local church camp, complete with cabin accomodations, worship hall, dining hall (potluck style), hiking trails, sport courts, and more. Contact Dan Vander Poel at 253-826-0953 or e-mail:

Updated Information

Rapid City, South Dakota: The new phone number for the site coordinator, Bill Buckman, is: 307-746-2018.

Galiano Island, British Columbia: This site has been cancelled due to lack of interest, but plans are continuing for an independent feast site in 2000.


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