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May/June 1999

Jim Rector Correspondence Conclusion

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July 14, 1999 Letter from Rector to Edwards

Dear Norm,

Greetings. I trust that things are well with you and your family. If you didn't like any of my other letters or responses, I'm certain that you will not like this one either. Realizing that anything I say can and will be used against me, I will be brief.

First of all, you said that you weren't sure if you could continue to support or recommend this ministry to others. I completely understand your perspective and your coming to that conclusion. I do not hold this or any other thing against you. As you know, I have never asked for any kind of support from you or anyone else. If you cannot support this outreach effort, then you just can't. It's as simple as that.

In spite of what you see as near-insurmountable problems, I have repented of my wrongs, and do intend to press on, going and sinning no more, even as Christ so instructed. It does not matter to me if you or someone else happens to discover some additional information about what I may have done and sees fit to make it public. That is the decision of others, and I cannot control it, nor do I wish to. My whole purpose, regardless of what you may think, is to get what I feel is a crucial message out to as many as have ears to hear. In attempting to do this, I have made mistakes, bad decisions, taken wrong paths at times, and done things that were both unethical and outright sinful. I am aware of what I have done, I have deeply repented of what I have done, but I do not intend that this is going to cause me to give up what I strongly feel led of God to do. Therefore, God willing, I do plan on resuming the work that I have been given. If you or anyone else decides to publicly oppose it, then so be it.

It is my fervent hope that we can and will remain friends, but I cannot be certain that this will happen. As far as I am concerned, we can. Time will tell. I pray that God will guide and bless you in whatever He has for you to do. Thank you for the contribution you are making in serving God's people. There is no need for a lengthy response from you to this post as in the past. Best wishes always.


Jim Rector

July 16, 1999 Letter from Edwards to Rector


Thank you for your letter. Actually, I like this one more than the others in that it is more truthful. In previous writings, you spoke of going through your library to find other tapes where you did not give proper credit for material used. It has been four months and you have not done it.

On the other hand, this letter saddens me more than the others because it appears that your course is now clear: You do not intend to publicly acknowledge that a major portion of your ministry is based on the work of others. It seems you are trying to "sweep it under the rug" and go on.

Whether I support your ministry or not does not really matter. What does God think when a person hungry for Bible truth hears a Jim Rector tape, learns from it, and says, "That helped me, is there more?" So someone shows them a drawer full of your tapes and the new person says, "This man must have a great gift of teaching from God; I don’t know anyone else like this."

What does God think about this? What will that new person think when they are in a Christian bookstore some day and read the original material from one of their "gifted teacher’s" tapes? Will it cause them to conclude that all religion is phony?

I believe that your intent is to help people be closer to God. But I believe you are going about it wrong. The end does not justify the means. If God must use stolen literature to do his work, what good is living His way? I certainly believe that God forgives past sins, both mine and yours. But continuing a ministry with thousands of plagiarized tapes in circulation is continuing a sin. This is what I hoped you would avoid. I cannot believe this is what God is leading you to do.

I believe I know why you said: "It is my fervent hope that we can and will remain friends". I have been a friend to you. I have told you the truth from my heart, whether it was bad or good. I wish you would do the same for me.

If you are my friend, then please tell me why you believe God wants you to read Radical Charismatic literature to Sabbatarian Brethren. At least three of your tapes from 1998 are read from books by Rick Joyner. You must be aware that Rick Joyner claims to be a prophet of God—that God actually speaks to him and gives him many pages to write, just like the Bible prophets.

Is Rick Joyner a true prophet or a false prophet? If he is a true prophet, why do we not let all of our brethren know? But if he is a true prophet, why doesn’t he understand the Sabbath? On the other hand, if he is a false prophet, why are you reading his books to believers?

I understand the need for a feeling of power from God—to be close to Him—to witness His greatness. I have experienced this feeling at times, and so have many other believers I know. But these things come from our willingness to do whatever the Eternal wants, and His initiating the relationship. There is not some formula we can use to make the Eternal respond to us as is commonly taught by Radical Charismatic teachers.

Nevertheless, I am convinced that the Eternal is merciful, and will work with each of us, whatever we do. I have prayed for you in this matter.

— Norman S. Edwards

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