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May/June 1999

Late News

Feast Site in Australia

A non-aligned Sabbath discussion group based in Canberra (using a non-postponed calendar) is arranging a Feast site at Bermagui on the south coast of New South Wales. The site is a small cluster of comfortable holiday cottages in quiet countryside about 10 kilometres south of Bermagui proper, close to surf beaches and fishing. The format will be mainly interactive Bible discussions and possibly some informal seminars. Informal get-together on Thursday night. First day Friday 24 September, LGD 1 October. Site booked until Sunday morning to permit Sabbath observance on site. People observing other calendars are welcome. The overall emphasis will be on Christian fellowship promoted by informal group activities and barbeques. For more information contact Walter or Cindy Steensby on (02) 6254 3881, e-mail:

Southern Minnesota Feast

A small group of independent Sabbatarians are organizing a Feast (Hebrew Calendar) in Southern Minnesota. All are welcome. For details, contact Dan and Paula Vander Poel; 253-826-0953; e-mail:

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