Royalty-Free Hymnal Available!

by Mark Graham

The hymnal I have been working on for two years is finished! It contains 88 hymns, each one of them a winner. 47 are taken directly from the Psalms. Many of the rest are directly based on other scriptures, and about 30 of them are based on New Testament scriptures or teachings. It is a very "Church of God" oriented, forward-looking collection. Many of the hymns are about Christ returning to establish his kingdom, and other parts of what we know as the plan of God, including His Sabbath and keeping His commandments.

Some melodies are by the old mastersóMozart, Haydn, Tallis. Others are based on melodies from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Finland, Spain, China, Peru, Holland, Israel, the Ukraine, and Greece. There are two African-American spirituals, and one from the Kentucky Harmony collection. Many are ancient or from older psalters. Some, though still quite melodic and easy to sing, push the envelope of rhythmic structure. It is definitely a modern hymnal, yet it relies heavily on the beauty and majesty of old hymns. I think it stands on its own as a work with a distinctive flavor, and if one were to read the lyrics from beginning to end, it even preaches the gospel.

I wrote about a dozen of the hymns, and contributed to the lyrics or harmonies of a few more. My work is copyrighted, but available free for any non-profit use. There are so many advantages to having a royalty-free hymnal that I felt is was worth forfeiting the use of other beautiful hymns that are copyrighted. As a result, there are no Dwight Armstrong hymns, but I was able to find many old hymns which are just as good, often using exactly the same lyrics Mr. Armstrong did. This hymnal can be photocopied by anyone in its entirety or in part, or can be posted on a website for downloading. There are plans to produce a CD of MIDI files of all of the hymns, soon. (I will record them myself now that I know the final contents of the hymnal.) Also, because there are no royalties, the cost of the hymnals will be quite low.

In addition to the regular index, the hymns are grouped by meter as well. This means that the words of any hymn in a group may be sung to the tune of any other hymn in that group, producing literally hundreds of combinations of music and lyrics.

Jim Hopkins has done a great job of figuring out paper stock, binding style, and size. The finished hymnal will be roughly the size of the current UCG hymnal or the old WCG gray hymnal, but with a sewn and glued binding that is very durable (I think itís called perfect binding). Christy Hooper of Cleveland designed a beautiful cover and title page. Jim is planning to print this hymnal as Servantsí News is going to press.

Up to this point, we have done everything for free. All the editing, typesetting, artwork and layout, and printing preliminaries have been donated by the people involved. Just for comparison, the WCG and UCG hymnals cost tens of thousands of dollars to produce.The major costs of printing and postage are too much for any one individual to bear. Thanks to many people who either loaned us money, or bought advanced copies, we were able to make the initial payment for printing. We intend to sell the hymnal at a price sufficient to recover our costs.

One hymnal, post-paid, will cost $6.00. We will send 2 through 20 hymnals for $5.00 each. (Ohio residents have the added privilege of paying 7% sales tax unless you furnish us with a tax exempt certificate.) For large orders, you can call or write me and I will figure out what additional discount I can give.

You may have the practical question: "How can I make such a decision without seeing the book?" You can see the smaller copies of the cover, above, and the first song, at right. A complete list of songs appears on the next page. A preview booklet showing the cover and 10 of the hymns is available upon request. Also, you can view or even hear some at Jim Rossí excellent web page of church of God music:

For orders or information contact:

Mark Graham

PO Box 770261

Lakewood, OH 44107-0019



This is the best "traditional" hymnal we know about for Church of God groups. It contains many songs recognizable to much of Christianity without any "doctrinal problem" songs. Some groups may wish to use it as their main hymnal, others may want to use it with a modern praise and worship book. You can always buy or photocopy as many extra copies as you may need, no matter what happens to your church group in the months ahead. óNSE

Songs for the Family of God

Table of Contents

(A missing page number means the previous song spans two pages).


1 All People That On Earth Do Dwell (Ps 100, tune by Thomas Tallis)

2 Immortal, Invisible

3 The God of Abraham Praise (an ancient Hebrew melody and text with a third verse by Mark Graham)

4 Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken (set to a melody by Roland Hugh Pritchard)

5 Men and Children Everywhere (Hebrew melody known as Rock of Ages)

6 From All That Dwell Below the Skies

7 Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty

8 Psalm 1

9 Hear My Words, O Gracious Lord (Ps 5)

10 How Excellent In All the earth (Ps 8)

11 Who, O Lord, With Thee Abiding (Ps 15)

12 The Spacious Firmament (Ps 19, melody by Haydn)

14 Most Perfect Is the Law of God (Ps 19)

15 Praise God, All Ye Who Fear Him (Ps 22)

16 All Ye That Fear Godís Holy Name (Ps 22)

17 The Lord's My Shepherd (Ps 23, Havergal)

18 The Lord's My Shepherd (Crimond)

19 The Earth with All That Dwell Therein (Ps 24)

20 O Lord, By Thee Delivered (Ps 30, Greek melody)

21 How Blest Is He Whose Trespass (Ps 32)

22 Through All the Changing Scenes of Life (Ps 34)

23 God, Be Merciful to Me (Ps 51)

24 Christ Shall Have Dominion (Ps 72, tune of "Onward, Christian Soldiers")

25 God Is Our Refuge (Ps 46)

26 The Lord Will Come and Not Be Slow (Ps 82, 85, 86, words by Milton)

27 How Lovely Is Thy Dwellingplace (Ps 84)

28 By All Whom Thou Hast Made (Ps 86)

29 Zion, Founded on the Mountains (Ps 87)

30 O God, Our Help in Ages Past (Ps 90)

31 Lord, Thou Hast Been Our Dwelling Place (Ps 90)

32 Psalm 91

33 It Is Good to Sing Thy Praises (Ps 92, Mozart)

34 O Come, Let Us Sing to the Lord (Ps 95)

35 O Sing a New Song to the Lord (Ps 98)

36 O My Soul, Bless God the Father (Ps 103)

37 O Worship the King (Ps 104)

38 Praise the Lord, for He Is Good (Ps 107)

39 The Lord Unto His Christ Hath Said (Ps 110)

40 How Shall the Young Direct Their Way? (Ps 119)

41 How I Love Thy Law, O Lord (Ps 119)

42 Unto the Hills I Lift My Eyes (Ps 121)

43 With Joy I Heard My Friends Exclaim (Ps 122)

44 Bringing In The Sheaves (Ps 126)

46 Unless the Lord Shall Build the House (Ps 127)

47 Let Us with a Gladsome Mind (Ps 136)

48 Behold How Good It Is (Ps 133)

50 By the Rivers of Babylon (Ps 137)

51 Lord, Thou Hast Searched Me (Ps 139)

52 When Morning Lights the Eastern Skies (Ps 143)

53 O Sing Ye Hallelujah! (Ps 147)

54 Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens, Adore HIm (Ps 148)

55 Praise Ye the Lord! (Ps 150, Finnish tune)

56 The People That in Darkness Sat (Is 9)

57 Wake, My Heart (adapted from Ps 108 and Isaiah 35, by Mark Graham)

58 The Mountain of the Lord (Micah 4)

60 Great God Who Made the Universe (about God's creation, by Mark Graham)

62 By Law from Sinai's Clouded Steep (a hymn about the Sabbath)

63 On the Sabbath Day (Ukrainian Jewish melody, words about the Sabbath)

64 Come, Ye Thankful People, Come

65 We Gather Together

66 In Days of Old (by Mark Graham, about the prophesied coming of the Messiah)

67 Salt of the Earth (Matthew 5)

68 Consider the Lilies (Matthew 6)

69 It Fell Upon a Summer Day (Welsh hymn about Christ blessing the children)

70 Hosanna, Loud Hosanna (Jesus' entry into Jerusalem)

71 All Glory, Laud, and Honor

72 God Speaks to Us

73 Were You There

74 In Joseph's Lovely Garden

75 Rejoice, the Lord Is King

76 We've a Story to Tell to the Nations

77 God, Who Made the Earth

78 In Christ There Is No East or West

79 Lord, I Want to Be a Christian

80 Song In The Night (by Mark Graham, about the Gospel being preached in the end time)

82 In that Day (Hawaiian Melody)

84 The Church's One Foundation

85 Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers

86 There Is Joy in My Heart

87 Golden Breaks the Dawn (Ps 19, Chinese melody)

88 All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name

89 Come, Lord, and Tarry Not

90 From the Highest Heaven (Rev 19, Zech 14, Peruvian melody)

91 God Is Calling Children (Mark Graham)

92 When Christ Shall Come (Rev 19-20)

93 The New Jerusalem (Rev 21- 22)

94 Now Let Us Go (about preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Londonderry Air)

96 God Will See Us Through

óMark Graham