Kosovo War From European Perspective

When the U.S. started bombing Kosovo, I asked Guy and Mireille Hodiamont, the Belgian couple that distributes Servants’ News in Europe, if they had any particular wisdom on what was happening from their European perspective. —NSE

The Europeans, from the top down, are quite angry, mad, bitter at the Americans for still trying to make the decisions in a newly born Europe. More so, because now Europe wants to take her own decisions, have her own power. The Americans have acted as if Europe had not changed since last World War. The Europeans want to be counted apart from the Americans, especially in their own territory.

What they do not like is the attitude of self-contention the Americans show. "You need us and we are superior in strength and efficacy "--that’s exactly what the Europeans do not want to hear now the Kosovo war was just declared. NATO is not popular here!

"Why", say the people, "don’t they go and kill Milosewicz ? They should never attack the civilians." They sit with a criminal one day to try to peacefully come to a conclusion, they say. But the next day, they kill the people and let this criminal run.

Everybody here speaks about last World War. We just are thinking : "Is this it again?" But this time, the American are not seen as "saviors" anymore.

Personally, we do not like to see America getting so very much more unpopular every day, and Russia becoming nervous.

Every war is a religious war. Yugoslavia has occasioned the religious war that has put the world on fire already once, even twice.

For the first time since last World War, Germany has been allowed to participate, to let their army go out of their country. Nationalism is quite present in Germany again and they are fully ready.

This is worsened by the crisis that has brought the European Community government (President and Deputies) to fall apart. The new president has just been elected: he is Italian! As prime minister, he has restored the economy of Italy. That is why he’s been chosen—to set up Europe economically! All the countries have given him faith economically speaking, because the economics are so diverse and in such poor condition.

Do I have wisdom in those things ? I do not know—but what we see around us is ripe wheat and Revelation being fulfilled.

—Guy & Mireille Hodiamont