Former WCG Members:
Who are You?

I believe this is the most important question for most WCG members today. For years, we believed that we were the one true church preaching the true doctrines. In reality, we preached many true doctrines, but were dead wrong about being "the one true church".

Today, nearly all of us would like to serve the Eternal in some way. If all of our years of Bible study and diligent obedience do not qualify us to help teach others, then who is qualified?

It seems that there are two basic ways that we can reach out to the world: 1) as former WCG members—with our incredibly complex history, or 2) As independent, Sabbath-keeping members of the body of Christ! —NSE


Spiritual Meat In Shelter in the Word

The last few Servants’ News issues have been mostly about "Church of God" problems. It is difficult for most of us to switch from the old mentality of "I’m in the group with the truth", to the new mentality of "I’ve been in a group with some things right and some wrong—now I realize that I am personally responsible for what I do and believe. In order to provide concrete examples to our readers, we write about the doctrines and practices of specific people and organizations.

But there is also a time to leave people and organizations aside and learn timeless spiritual truth directly from the Eternal’s Word. We are attempting to put more and more of this kind of teaching in Shelter in the Word. This magazine is not "just for new people". The article on prayer in the accompanying issue contains many points about prayer from the Bible which were not commonly taught in the "Church of God" groups. We believe that prayer—personal communication with the Eternal—can provide many of the missing answers during these difficult times. —NSE



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