Today’s "Church of God" Groups Use HWA’s Authority

Since Herbert Armstrong is dead and most of his writing is not being printed, why do we need to dig up his mistakes? It probably would be better if all of the groups just "let him be", but many groups still base their operations directly on Armstrong. If they do not understand his errors, they will probably repeat them. Notice:

Les McCullough, UCG Ministerial letter of 6/19/98:

I am not Mr. Armstrong nor do I in any way consider myself in that category. I do however have the responsibility to inform all of you and the brethren of the problems we face. To help keep a focus, I am going to quote part of an article from the 1968 Good News: "How often just in the course of this past year have we had to read such words as ‘delay,’ ‘postpone,’ ‘fail,’ ‘go backward,’ and ‘MOUNTAINOUS SETBACK’ in the Member and Co-worker letters? Time and again Mr. Armstrong has been forced to use such words to describe the lack of progress in God’s work...."

How I wish this letter wasn’t needed. Perhaps we need to remember Mr. Armstrong’s cocking of the gun for the greater push forward.

Rod Meredith letter of November, 1998:

Remember, the Bible NEVER speaks of "Government by Committee." Rather, as Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong explained again and again, God has ALWAYS worked primarily thorough one man—Moses, David, Peter, Paul, etc....

However, brethren, I know personally that thousands of you DO CARE about the Church governmental structure. You do want to have and to follow a strong, dedicated leader. You do want that leader to basically follow in the footsteps of God’s apostle, Herbert W. Armstrong.

A Personal Perspective on Governance. David Hulme, August 1998:

They wanted to see strong central direction and a continuation of the work on the pattern established through Herbert W. Armstrong, with use of mass media including printing and broadcasting....

I would like to quote some comments from a man whom I have come to respect even more highly in recent months. Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong, Volume 1, pp. 411-412:..

Press release from Garner Ted Armstrong giving his background, March 1998:

Armstrong, 68, is the son of the late Herbert W. Armstrong, founder of the "Worldwide Church of God" of Pasadena, California, and Ambassador Colleges, with three campuses: Pasadena, California; Big Sandy, Texas, and Bricket Wood, St. Albans, Herts., England. The elder Armstrong died at age 93 in 1986.

If we included every small group whose "work" is based on Herbert Armstrong’s, we would need many more pages. &