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June 1998

Trucker’s Bible StudyTrucker's Bible Study

Oak Grove, Mo., #3

The Trucker’s Bible Study is conducted weekly at the Texaco truck stop on I-70, Oak Grove, Missouri by Arlo Gieselman, often assisted by Lenny Cacchio, the writer of this series.
June 7, 1998

Norman Edwards attended the study on June 7, 1998. Because the sign had not yet been replaced, no truckers attended. However, one employee of the truck stop attended and sought help with a difficult personal situation. It was interesting to see that this individual already had some understanding of the scriptures regarding the problem at hand. Yet, this person attended no church group regularly. Arlo, Lenny, and Norman were able to add other scriptures, as well as give some insight and Scriptural counsel on the matter.

The entire two-hour study time was used in this process. Was this study a failure because no truckers came? If we really believe that our Father in heaven is running His work, we need to realize that He may have decided it was most important for one person to be counseled that day. Another day, it may be something completely different. We have to walk forward and let the Eternal direct our steps.

— Norman Edwards


June 21, 1998

At the June 21 study, we had two truckers and we were also joined by Bill and Scarlet Stough, who are frequent contributors to The Journal, News of the Churches of God.

I believe that the Stoughs might write a feature article on our modest endeavor for that newspaper.

There is now a permanent sign up, which should help attendance. The two gentlemen both asked for tapes and literature, which I was glad to provide. They each took a fistful of stuff with them. We were also able to provide them with Bibles. One of the men says he likes to make copies of the tapes and give them away,

We began with the Bereans, and how they didn't just accept what Paul said, but searched the scriptures daily whether those things were so. The tapes and literature I gave out—and what we discuss in the Bible Study—should be compared to the scriptures, and what they teach should be accepted only if the they agree with the scriptures. Also, which denominations we belong to will not be mentioned in the Bible Study unless it is just mentioned in passing.

I turned to Genesis 1 and 2 and read that God made man in His image, that we were made to rule and to have dominion over God's creation. We also referred to the purpose of man in Hebrews 1 and 2.

Some of the other subjects discussed were:

1) God does not force man to obey him. Man has free moral agency.

2) God allows the wheat and the tares to grow together. We in our human wisdom often can't tell the difference, but it is God who will sort it out.

3) God requires sacrifice from us. Will we follow His call?

4) We should not forsake the assembling of ourselves together.

5) What if the entire world kept just any one of the Ten Commandments? How would the world be different?

6) There is more than just grace to salvation; God does require some things of us (Matthew 25 and James' epistle).

7) What is sin?

Today was most rewarding, as we were able to walk alongside these men, give them literature and Bibles, give them some things to think about, and yet be non-confrontational about it.

Once again, it is encouraging to see both the depth of Bible understanding that some folks have, and their eagerness to learn more.

— Lenny Cacchio


Lenny Cacchio can be contacted at:
705 NE Bryant Drive, Lees Summit, Missouri 64068

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