New 1998 Feast Sites
& Complete List of Sites Covered by SN this Year

Cave Junction, Oregon

The Omega Praise Fellowship will be sponsoring a Feast site again this fall at SisQMeadows Youth Camp near Cave Junction, Oregon, Oct 5-12. Final costs have not been determined, but camping in heated cabins and 3-meals per day will be included in a very reasonable price. This is a full-involvement Feast with plenty of activities for all ages for the entire eight days. Many kinds of music, scripture readings, messages, and open discussions will be included. For more information and a brochure, call John and Mary Beattie at 541-855-7220, or Bob and Deirdre Salmon at 541-855-7403. Or, write Omega Praise Fellowship, PO Box 1742, Rouge River, Oregon 97537.

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

The Front Range Church of God, a home fellowship consisting of several families, will be hosting a Feast of Tabernacles this fall in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, at the Best Western Oak Ridge Lodge from October 5 to October 12, inclusive. The theme for the Feast will be non-controversial fellowship, with scripture readings or short presentations at the beginning of each worship service, followed by open discussion. If you might be interested in attending, please write Front Range Church of God, P.O. Box 6116, Longmont, CO 80501 or email to:

San Antonio, Texas

Meetings will be held at the Ramada Inn (Airport), 10811 I-35 North, in beautiful San Antonio. (Last year, it was the Quality Inn, but meetings are in the same place.) Call 800-797-1234 for reservations. Give the Group Reservation number 87290 and tell them you are attending the Feast of Tabernacles (Church of God). Room Rates are $54 + 15% tax, a reduction of $5 from last year.. The first nights’ room must be received within 5 days of making reservations, either by money order or credit card guarantee. In order to avoid paying a $1280 fee for themeeting hall, 60 rooms must be filled by August 15th.

There are numerous attractions in San Antonio within a short distance of the meeting facility. For more information, contact Julian Cruz, Tel: 210-333-7229, e-mail:

"Lake Tahoe" Feast in Felton

The "Lake Tahoe Feast," sponsored for the past two years by the Sacramento area Bible study fellowship and The Way Publications will continue this year, God willing, in Felton, California. Felton is located in the scenic Santa Cruz mountains, 10 minutes north of Santa Cruz. It’s almost like a "Tahoe Feast By the Sea"!

Dates for the Feast this year are Monday, October 5, through Wednesday, October 14. Again, we are having a do-it-yourself, "bring your own calendar" Feast with lots of fellowship and rejoicing!

The meeting is in the Felton Community Hall, 6191 Highway 9, in Felton. It’s a new hall that seats about 300. It has a second room for other activities such as youth education, teen functions, meals, seminars, etc.

Planned feast activities include a family dance, circle dancing, workshops, youth and adult choirs, two open family days, and some group activities and trips. Please let us know ahead of time if you’d like to help play hymns, sing in the choir(s), perform music offerings, teach young people or help in other ways.

Messages will again be brought to us by members of the assembly, so be prepared to share what you have been studying in your Bibles, and to learn what others have been studying. Once again, presentations will be followed by questions and discussion, so we may all learn even more.

The tentative schedule is for services daily at 10:00 a.m., with the exception of two family days (Thursday and Sunday) when no services will be scheduled, and the weekly Sabbath when services will be at 1:30 p.m., followed by a do-it-yourself family dance (bring your favorite tapes and CDs) at 7:00 p.m. On Friday we plan on having services at 10:00 a.m., followed by a everybody-bring-something meal and family entertainment (bring your instruments), then an Open Forum session from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

There are many places to stay and things to do in the area, we recommend that you contact the Scott’s Valley Chamber of Commerce at 408-438-1010 and the Felton Chamber of Commerce at 408-335-2764. regarding housing. There are several motels and cabin facilities in Felton and Scott’s Valley, as well as houses for rent in neighboring Mount Hermon. Nearby Santa Cruz has many hotels and motels. There are also beach houses to rent, in all price ranges.

Because this year we will be required to pay for the hall in advance, we are requesting each family planning on attending the Feast with us to send an advance donation of $50, if possible, toward the hall rental. (Same principle as the "tithe of the tithe" from our WCG days.) This will be considered as a donation, as all other offerings will be, and you will be sent a receipt, as we do for all donations. You may send these pre-feast donations to "The WAY," in U.S. funds, made out to "‘The WAY’ Publications," earmarked specifically "for Feast 98," and sent to us at our regular address:

The Way Publications

P.O. Box 1976

Placerville, CA 95667-1976 USA

If you’re planning on attending the Feast with us in Felton, please notify us by mailing to the address above, or by calling Bill Creamer at 800-808-2560.

A brief technical note regarding the dates of the Feast: We plan on holding either a nine-day Feast or a ten-day Feast. The conjunction of the seventh month will be on September 20th, at 7:02 p.m. PDT, which puts the first day of the conjunction Feast of Tabernacles on October 5 (beginning sundown, October 4). This is also the starting date on the Hebrew Calendar.

The lunar crescent in September is predicted to be visible locally on the evening of September 21, which would place the first day of the Feast on Tuesday, October 6, (beginning the evening of Monday, October 5). If clouds on the 21st obscure the view of the crescent moon, the new moon might be declared to be the evening of September 22, which would result in the Feast beginning one day later, on the evening of Tuesday, October 6.

For those who base the new moon on sightings of the visible crescent in Jerusalem, if the moon is visible on the U.S. West Coast on the evening of the 21st, it will be only about 34 hours out of conjunction. This means that, for people in Jerusalem, it would have to be visible about 10 hours earlier (Jerusalem is about 10 hours east of the West Coast), or only about 24 hours out of conjunction. Since the moon must be further out of conjunction in the fall than in the spring to be seen, it may be difficult to see the moon in Jerusalem on the evening of the 21st, so it may be visible in Jerusalem on the evening of the 22nd, making the Feast begin on October 6. Of course, if they were to have clouds on the 22nd, they might declare the new moon a day later.

Based on this information, it would seem that we would have, at the least, two starting dates for the Feast, October 5 and 6, and possibly a third, October 7. Therefore, we plan on holding the Feast beginning on October 5 and running for nine or ten days, as needed.

Colo. Springs, Crescent Calendar

This feast is sponsored by the Church of God, Colorado Springs. The location will be 627 N. Circle Dr, Colorado Springs. For many years, this group has been using a calendar based on the first observable crescent in Jerusalem. Festival dates will be October 7 through 14. Write Jack Hines, PO Box 9901 Colorado Springs, CO 80932 or call 719-577-9066 or 719-471-2264 for more information.

Little Chute, Wisconsin

This Feast site, like the above site will also be conducted October 7-14 according to the "first observable crescent calendar." It is sponsored by God’s Community in the Appleton-Green Bay Area, (John Purvins). The theme of the feast is Christ’s prayer for oneness (John 17). Related messages include God’s Presence Among his People, the Heart of the Tabernacle, and Meeting as per 1 Corinthians 14:26-40. Children’s classes and a picnic overlooking beautiful Lake Winnebago are planned. The location of the site and the address to write for information is 130 W. Main St. Little Chute, WI, 54140, Tel: 920-733-5271, Fax: 920-788-2939.

Full Moon Feast in Mississippi

We are holding a nonaligned Feast at Picayune (pic’-a-une), Miss., from Oct. 20th, through The Last Great Day on Oct. the 27th. The first service will be at 7:00 PM on the evening of the 19th.

If you have heard the phrase, "Don’t be so Picayune-ish" or have been to Picayune you will know what it means. Originally, a Picayune was a Spanish coin worth 2 1/2 cents. Today the word means "trivial and insignificant." But don’t let that fool you. Picayune is worth a dollar and a dime in good ole Southern Hospitality.

Services will be once a day at 10:00 AM except for the Sabbath and High Days and then they will be at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. The format for services will be songs and either a prepared message or an open forum Bible Study on various and sundry subjects.

Picayune is about an hours drive from New Orleans or the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where in either place a very wide range of recreational activities can be found. For more information contact: Charles Voss @ PO Box 1058; Picayune, MS 39466; Tel: 601-798-8843, e-mail:

Intercontinental Church of God

The following Feast sites are sponsored by the Intercontinental Church of God and the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association. [The Servants’ News staff does not feel that G. T. Armstrong meets the qualifications for a leader in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, but we see nothing wrong with fellowshipping with the brethren in these organizations.]

Panama City Beach, Florida: Boardwalk Convention Center, for reservations call 850-234-3484.

Table Rock Lake, Missouri: Kimberling Inn, for reservations call 800-833-5551.

Lake Tahoe, Kings Beach, California: North Tahoe Convention Center, Visitor Convention Bureau: 800-824-6348.

Carberry Tower, Scotland: Carberry Tower Residential Conference Centre, for info call 011 44 131 665-3135.

Canadian sites are also planned, use the contact information, below.

More information is available at You may contact us at or call the Head quarters Office in Tyler: 903-561-7070.

Complete List of Sites Covered in Previous SN Issues this Year

These lists include all the various non-aligned sites mentioned in previous Servants’ News issues. We print organization’s site lists when they send them to us, but we have not repeated them. Use all three of these pages for a good sampling of non-aligned sites. We will gladly print information sent to us about new sites in future issues. For more Feast information try the Internet at Or, subscribe to The Journal, News of the Churches of God, PO Box 1020, Big Sandy, Texas 75755; $18 for 12 issues.

Eastern USA:

Ludington, Michigan

Sponsored by: independent families in Michigan. If you are coming from the west, remember that there is a car ferry across the lake to Ludington.

Contact: Darrell West, PO Box 26, Webberville MI 48892; Tel: 517-521-3630.

Paducah, Kentucky

Sponsored by families with rather specific doctrines.

Contact: Henry Anderson, 58 Meadowrue Rd, Russellville Ark. 72801. Tel: 501-968-4546,

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Sponsored by: United Christian Ministries (Ray Wooten). The Edwardses, Deweys and others on the SN staff will be serving in various capacities at this site.

Contact: UCM, PO Box 361334, Birmingham AL 35236-1334; Tel: 888-985-9066, email:

Orange Beach, Alabama

Sponsored by: Learning Together.

Contact: Ron and Debi Wilson, 7807 N Illinois, Caseyville IL 62232-2058;

Tel: 618-344-5203, email:

Destin, Florida

Sponsored by: CEM (Ron Dart).

Contact: CEM, PO Box 560, Whitehouse, Texas 75791; Tel: 903-509-2999, email:

Central USA:

Keystone, Colorado

Sponsored by: United Christian Ministries (Ray Wooten).

Contact: UCM, PO Box 361334, Birmingham AL 35236-1334; Tel: 888-985-9066, email:

Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

Sponsored by: Cornerstone Publications (Jim Rector).

Contact: Jim Rector, 3802 Olive St., Texarkana, TX 75503; Tel: 903-792-1352, email:

LeFlore, Oklahoma

Sponsored by: Independent families which observe a "Full Moon Calendar"

Feast dates are tentatively Oct 19-25, to be based on actual moon sightings. This is primarily a camping site with motels available some distance away.

Contact: John Walker, General Delivery, LeFlore OK 74942

Western USA:

Sun Valley, Idaho

Sponsored by: Independent families. Two-way teleconferences with Ray Wooten and Norman Edwards planned.

Contact: Adam or Jennifer (Adam’s daughter) Miller, Tel: 760-941-6120, email:

Sunriver, Oregon

Sponsored by: Independent families.

Contact: Al Murrey, 2160 SW 2nd Ave, Ontario OR 97914. Tel: 541-881-8600.


Northern Ireland

Sponsored by: Independent families.

Contact: Greg and Caroline Gault, 253 Castlecatt Rd, Devrock, Ballymoney, Northern Ireland BT538BN;

Tele and fax: +44-126-57-41616.

Carberry Tower, Scotland

Sponsored by: Independent families.

Contact: Anthony and Margaretha Miles, Linderudveien 57, 1353 Baerums Verk, Norway. Tel: 011 47 67 56 22 75, email: &

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