Simple Local Evangelism

The Church of God Sabbath Day has reprinted several of Herbert Armstrong’s old basic booklets (though they do not contain his name). They have been using these booklets in local evangelism. Other congregations have also used their methods. They would like to make their methods and their literature available to others. You can use both their methods and literature, or use their methods with your own literature. Here is their basic plan:


1. Order a self-inking rubber stamp with the name, address, and phone number of your local group. (Office supply stores and catalogs will have these.) If you meet in a variety of halls or houses, you may need to rent a mail box and/or have a second line put into someone’s house to use for responses. Stamp each literature item that you plan to mail.

2. Choose a piece of literature that you believe will bring the most response in your area.

3. Place a coupon ad (similar to the one one shown ) in a local paper. The Church of God Sabbath Day has used "ad papers" such as The Thrifty Nickel and The Penny Pincher. Make sure that you include your own address in the ad.

4. Glue each returned coupon to a 3x5 index card. Write the date you mailed your literature and booklet to that person. File the cards by date.

5. After one month, mail the follow-up letter , maybe with a return postcard (not shown) where the person can request more literature.

6. If they return the postcard, write the date on the returned card and file it. Mail the literature that they request. You may wish to include another postcard offering still other literature.

7. After they have received several booklets, invite them to a Bible study.


Booklets, postcards, and a packet of sample ads are available from:

The Church of God Sabbath Day, PO Box 1645, Springdale AR, 72765. Phone: 501-756-3545. &

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