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March/April 1998

What Can One Person Do?

We print this report as an example of what one person has done as a personal ministry—in addition to their full-time job. Your skills are probably different than Alan Ruth’s. It is good that the body has many members to function.


This is the 1997 year-end report for Barnabas Ministries, a service organization dedicated to encouraging communication, cooperation, caring and Christian growth in the churches of God. We additionally have the goal of preaching the gospel to as many people as we can reach. The major accomplishments for Barnabas Ministries for 1997 are as follows:

1) Bible Study Internet Web site: Our World Wide Web site at address has seen encouraging growth for the year. The site now contains more than 150 articles by at least 50 different authors from a variety of Church of God organizations, fellowships and service groups. Conservatively, there have been more than 20,000 visits to the Web site this year. In 1997 we moved our Web files to a better computer system, redesigned our "home page" and added a program allowing visitors to search articles on the site based on any topic.

2) Visiting Fellowships: We had the opportunity to visit more than 20 different Church of God organizations, fellowships and home-based groups in 1997. Barnabas Ministries was also able to visit and speak at the Servant’s News, UCG-Birmingham and Christian Educational Ministries feast sites. We also attended a few special Bible study meetings such as CEM conferences in Alabama and Illinois, Sabbath Campers Fellowship study weekends, UCG- Birmingham Pentecost weekend and the "In the Footsteps of the Messiah" conference in Oklahoma.

3) Wrote Internet and Computer Guide with sections on tips for buying a computer and help regarding getting onto and using the Internet.

4) Wrote article reaffirming the validity of the New Testament based on a person’s personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ. This was written in response to a heresy which stated that the New Testament and Christianity is of the Devil.

5) In 1997, we had various miscellaneous accomplishments such as the creation of a business card size, easily readable Holy Day calendar. We also received requests and sent out literature to U.S. and several foreign addresses.

Total contributions for the year were $2113.00. This figure consisted primarily of offerings by individuals and donations received for creating and maintaining sections of our World Wide Web site for other service organizations. Our expenses for the year were $3211.53. Expenses were for Internet access, fees paid for Web site hosting, travel costs, office supplies, copying costs, postage and miscellaneous.

Lastly, please let us know of any improvements we can make to our Web site when you visit it at Also, if you know of well written articles for possible inclusion to the Web site, please Email us or send the article to the address below. Thank you.

—Alan Ruth
Founder/Webmaster: Barnabas Ministries
PO Box 310208, Detroit, MI. 48231, USA

Good Sermons Wanted!

What are some of your favorite sermons or messages? The sermons that inspired you, uplifted you or made you think? The messages that made excellent points on basic Bible doctrines or that explained difficult scriptures and complex beliefs in an easy-to-understand way? What are your favorite messages? The Bible Study site at wants to share them!

The Bible Study Web site wants to put some of the best sermons and messages given in the Church of God on the Internet. The world needs to hear the truth of the Bible. This project cannot flourish, however, without your help. Let me know about the good messages you’ve heard, who gave the message, and who can be contacted for permission to put the sermon on the Internet. If you can send a copy of the taped message, please do so!

Send suggestions and tapes to: Barnabas Ministries, PO Box 310208, Detroit, MI. 48231, USA or Email:

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