January - Febuary 1998

1 a  Where Does Judaism Fit into New Testament Teaching?

1 b  Learning a Lesson FromThe Pharisees

2    A Lesson in Unity

3   News from Local Congregations

7   Feast 1998—an Early Look

9   Where Have all the Prophets Gone?

11  Does the Eternal Require the Same Thing From Everyone?

13  The Sabbath A Day of Delight

15  A Search for Jewish Roots

17  Seeking the Eternal...

18  Conversion Comes in a Variety of Ways

20  New Leaders & Members for the United Church of God,

22  UCG>...AIA....Council of Elders Meeting Report

24  Letters and Responses

36   Sabbatarians Who Deny Salvation to Most People

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The December 1998 Servants’ News article on How to Keep a Biblical Sabbath contained a very misleading statement (page 6, right column, top paragraph). The article mentions the Israelite’s march around Jericho at the time of Joshua, then the next sentence gives the Rabbi’s definition of a Sabbath Day’s Journey (2000 cubits or about 3000 feet). The purpose of the article was not to say that the rabbi’s derived this definition from the Jericho march, but to contrast the two. The rabbi’s definition came from the typical maximum distance from the tabernacle to the furthest edge of the camp. The size of Jericho when Joshua conquered it is uncertain. Some estimates are as small as 500 by 1000 feet—exactly 3000 feet around. However, it is very likely that the Israelites stayed 200-300 feet away from the walls to avoid being hit by thrown projectiles. That would make their trip around the city between 3800 and 4200 feet. With several hundred to a thousand more feet to travel from their camp to the city, the Israelites could have easily traveled a mile on that Sabbath. —NSE

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