Letter from Chris Cumming of GTA-EA

Itís Official!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No More Waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Work Goes Full Steam Ahead!!!

I just got off the phone with Garner Ted Armstrong. The Board Meeting is over. Valiant attempts were made by James Lamb and Larry Brookreson to secure a fair severance pay from Charles Groce, Benny Sharp, Skip Martin and Guy Carnes. These latter 4 gentlemen would have none of it and as one eye-witness put it, "They cut him (GTA) off at the knees". After more than 19 years of dedicated service, they will only pay him until the end of this month.

Mr. Armstrong was not deterred. He went from the meeting with a high-hand!! The first official Sabbath of the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association is tomorrow in Tyler. Members of several affiliated Churches of God will attend. Latest word is that this service will be taped for distribution. Details later. The Work begins in earnest beginning Monday.

The new Home Office will be established soon and the phone number will be sent to you and posted on the web page. Now there are two meetings already planned. I just got this from meeting planner, Tom Kerry.

FIRST MEETING: The Planning Meeting.

This meeting is planned to put down on paper the direction that this Work will take. The results of this meeting will be fully disclosed in a letter to the congregation by Mr. Armstrong. Details of the meeting and the letter will be posted on the website (www.aa.net/gtatruth). The room that has been contracted for this meeting is described as a small board room. The date for this meeting is 24 Jan. but late word is that it might be moved to 31 Jan.

SECOND MEETING: The Organizational Meeting

This meeting is scheduled for early in February. We strongly urge that all ministers, local contacts, hosts and their spouses attend. Other members are also invited if they can be there. Right now, the location being considered for this meeting is New Orleans, Louisiana.

I state this distinction because many had planned to be in town for the First Meeting listed above. We actually need the greater number at the Second Meeting.

More later, but for now...





Let them know the Good News!

There is no need to hold back your tithes now: Send them to the GTA Evangelistic Association, P.O. Box 747, Flint, TX 75762.

The EA was official 2 January 1998!! If you have any questions: Call me at 425-885-7177, Fax me at 425-9179, Email me at: sunshiner@worldnet.att.net

Sincerely, your brother in Christ, Chris Cumming. &

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