Letters From CGI

Letter to brethren and fellow-laborers, dated December 7, 1997, from Vance Stinson, Bronson James, and Charles Groce of CGI:

With prayerful consideration and open-mindedness, the Council, after hours of deliberation, unanimously concluded that Mr. Armstrongís conduct, measured against the scriptural qualifications for a minister, gives us no choice but to remove him as a minister. This painful and disheartening realization led to a resolution submitted to the Board of Directors of the church for Mr. Armstrong to proceed to retirement. This was a difficult decision for the Council to reach, but compelling due to the scriptural direction in 1 Timothy 5:20-21: "Them (the elders/ministers) that sin rebuke before all, that others may fear. I charge you before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that you observe these things without preferring one before another, doing nothing by partiality."

Mr. Armstrongís letter shows he is not willing to accept the Ministerial Councilís decision. We had hoped for his full cooperation, and believed a smooth transition was possible. It appears that expectancy is now beyond our hope.


From the CGIís Weekly Report, week ending 12/27/97:

The Church Marches On With "Armor of God"

Beginning the second weekend of January (10 and 11), the church will begin airing its new television program entitled Armor of God. Presenters of the program will include home office ministers Bronson James and Vance Stinson, both of whom have appeared with Garner Ted Armstrong in recently aired telecasts. Additional presenters will be introduced over time.

The goal of the program is of course to enable a warning and a witness to the world, but also to spiritually feed, care for, and edify those people we have reached. Our intent is to have a balanced approach, one that is biblical and of interest to our viewers.

The new program will be used to promote the church, its work, and its message— the message Jesus Christ commands us to declare (Matthew 28: 19,20) . It will also be utilized to generate interest in our local congregations, much more so than our previous programs did. At the close of every new program, the narrator will say, "The Armor of God program is sponsored by the Church of God, International. For information about the congregation nearest you, write to PO Box 2525, Tyler, Texas 75710.


Letter from Eric P. Morris of CGI, December 31, 1997:

Commencing January 11, 1998, the CGIís television program will be called Armor of God.... The focus will be more on doctrine and Christian living issues and less on speculative prophetic scenarios... We taped one program already and will record another Friday.


Weekly Report dated January 12, 1998:

The Armor of God Telecast on the Weekend of January 10-11 offered the booklet What is the Real Gospel? and the audio tape "Today for All Times." Total calls were 620 with 110 new callers. &

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