Passover Correction

On page 6 of the May 1997 issue we stated that we wanted to avoid writing on the Passover timing until we could do more study and write an in-depth paper. We still believe that is the only effective way to handle the issue! We published Glen Myers’ letter primarily because of the issue of "truth stealing," but it certainly touched on the Passover. It was only fair to publish Bill Dankenbring’s response.

While the subject of Passover has surfaced, we would like to correct an obvious error we made on page 14 of our January 1997 issue. We said that it would take some time to pluck and clean quail, but several people with personal experience have informed us that it is very easy to prepare quail for eating in a short period of time. Quail can be easily skinned rather than plucked. However, this fact makes little change in the point of the article. It is still difficult to interpret Exodus 16 as saying that the Hebrew ba erev (the time the quail came) is sunset, and that ben ha arbayim (the time the quail were eaten) is dark. In the spring of the year in Israel, the twilight period is only about 30 minutes. Starting a wood fire and cooking quail all in 30 minutes is not much time. It is theoretically possible that they kept fires smoldering all day on the Sabbath, but that would use a lot of wood—something scarce in a wilderness. We are still of the conclusion that this and many other Bible verses show that ba erev sometimes means "sunset", and sometimes refers to the time from noon until dark. Further, ben ha arbayim (the time the Passover was slain) appears to be a time between noon and dark.


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