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Charleston West Virginia Meeting

Everyone is invited to an all-day Sabbath December 13 in Charleston, West Virginia. Norman Edwards, Servants’ News editor, will be the guest speaker. The schedule is:

11-12 AM Bible Study:

Why Does the Eternal Let Congregations Splinter?

12-2 PM Luncheon (provided)

2 - 4 PM Services:

The Bible, What is Most
Important for Me to Know?

For more information, contact George Hampton, PO Box 626, Poca, WV 25159; tel: 304-586-3070; or Alternate contact: Franklin Rogers, tel: 304-595-6648.

Editor Sought for Sabbath Sentinel Magazine

For over 50 years, the Bible Sabbath Association has produced the Sabbath Sentinel Magazine. The Bible Sabbath Association is dedicated to spreading knowledge of the seventh day Sabbath, but attempts to avoid a firm position on other doctrine. The current editor of the full-color Sabbath Sentinel, Syd Cleveland, has become too busy in his own Sabbatarian congregation to continue as editor.

Anyone wishing to serve in this way should contact Richard Nickels at 307-686-5191, or write to 3316 Alberta Drive, Gillette, WY 82718.

Assembly of Yahweh Unity Conf.

The Unity Conference for 1997 was held August 1, 2 and 3 at the Cisco, Texas facilities of Assembly of Yahweh, 7th Day.

About 190 brethren were present on the weekly Sabbath, with a few less for each of the other days. Three major Assemblies and numerous smaller ones were represented.

It was certainly good to see old friends again that we had not seen in some time, and to meet other brethren for the first time.

I personally felt that this year’s conference was a productive endeavor, in which cooperation between and among the visiting assemblies was discussed. It seems especially fitting that this should be the case, since we are all brothers and sisters striving for the same goal.

Several subjects were discussed, not all of which were controversial. The two that brought the most comment from the audience concerned the proper date for Passover and the Holy Days of Unleavened Bread, and a way of determining the beginning of the Scriptural year by use of the signs of the Zodiac.

Several presentations were more of an exhortive nature, encouraging us to become more like Yahshua.

Frank Brown shared seven ways to achieve unity: 1) seek agreement but expect differences; 2) repent, be humble, regard others better than yourself; 3) respect the view of others; 4) lead by example, be a servant to others; 5) be patient with others; 6) be genuinely concerned for the welfare of others, this is true love; 7) WORK at becoming a better person, exercise the spirit Yahweh has given you, strive to overcome the carnality that we all have.

Frank Brown and Mike Mastropaolo, both of Arkansas.


Dr Rick Sherrod Coming to Australia!

Presenting a series of talks on Israel in prophecy:

Who and Where are the Lost Ten Tribes?

During Dr. Rick Sherrod’s years in the field ministry, he began an extensive and sustained investigation of the origins of the Anglo-Saxon people. Drawing from his background as a research scholar in Modern British History (Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1980) and his extensive travels through both the British Isles and the Middle East, he laid the foundation for a series of presentations on "Israel in Prophecy: Who and Where Are the Lost Ten Tribes?"

Dr. Rick Sherrod travels frequently on the weekends, making Sabbath-day visits to church congregations throughout the United States. His typical inaugural visit includes a morning hour and a half long sermon on "The Promise to Abraham and Principles of Interpreting Prophecy," followed by a two hour and fifteen minute Bible study/slide show on "The 40 Pivotal Years." The latter presentation explores the critical period of 1775-1815 AD, a time during which the foundation for the Anglo-American world dominance of the last two centuries was laid. He has also visited various churches to present his Bible study/slide show "A Company of Nations," examining the remarkable rise of the British Empire. He has also written in-depth theses and papers on the subject.

Rick Sherrod is a long-time member of the Church of God and has served in the ministry since 1986. During the mid-1980s, he worked at the church’s world headquarters where he taught and served as the principal of Imperial Schools (grades 7-12) before taking a position in the field ministry in the South-eastern United States (1986-1989). He has also worked with church youth for more than a decade, not only in Youth Opportunities United and Youth Educational Services offices, but as a central member of the Summer Educational Program staff in Orr, Minnesota where he served as Assistant Camp Director from 1986-1989.

In 1990, Dr. Sherrod became a faculty member at Ambassador University where he taught history courses, including Western Civilisation, Ancient Israel, the History of England, Modern European History, Renaissance and Reformation, and Introduction to Middle Eastern Archaeology. He also taught U. S. history survey at Tyler Junior College, and America During the World Wars at the University of Texas at Tyler. When the consolidation of the Ambassador campuses occurred in the summer of 1990, Dr. Sherrod moved from Pasadena, California to Big Sandy, Texas where he served as associate professor of history and history department chair for the following six academic years.

Sherrod’s Bible study/slide shows explore the connection between the modern British and American people and the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel from antiquity.

Presentations will cover: the Abrahamic Covenant; the history of the idea of British-Israelism; the Hermeneutics of prophecy; the captivity of the Northern Kingdom at the hands of the Assyrians; the migrations of post-8th century BC Israel; the "Seven Times" of Leviticus 26; the slow rise of the Anglo-Saxon people from 1066 to 1775; the critical 40 years of 1775-1815; the separation of Ephraim and Mannish into the two greatest nations of the 19th and 20th centuries (Gen.48); the economic fulfilment of the Gen. 49 prophecies relevant to the modern-day descendants of Joseph; the dominance of the Anglo-American people in the post-1815 A. D. world; and the relevance of the modern-day identity of the Lost Ten Tribes to the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Sherrod makes his visits to congregations in exchange for travel expenses being met. As a result we are bringing him to Australia in late May/early June 1998. He will be appearing in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

For this purpose we are setting up a special bank account to take donations toward this worthwhile cause. It will be fully accountable and monitored. If just 30 people donated $2.50 a week over the next 9 months, we would have adequate funds to bring him over and to pay for prominent advertising.

If you are interested in helping, please contact us and we will let you know how to contribute toward and how to assist in his lecture series. And if you would like to sponsor him, please let us know. We would like to hear from you as soon as possible so planning can commence.

Please send your name, address, telephone number, and/or e-mail address and how you would like to help to:

Israel in Prophecy Lecture Series GPO BOX 864, Sydney 2001 Australia.

For further information ring: (02) 9745 2964 (Sydney) or e-mail:

—Craig White

Fellowship In Chicago

The Church of God-7th Day in Chicago, Illinois, will welcome your visit. They teach and observe the Sabbath, holy days, and festival seasons. If you are from there, or if you are just passing through, and want to visit, please contact:

True Tabernacle Church of God

2843 West Harrison Street

Chicago, Illinois 60612

(773) 722-7741

Contact: Pastor Fleming Hawkins

(773) 994-5398

Long Time Elder Dies

William "Bill" Bodine was born Dec. 4, 1900 and died Sept. 25, 1997 at the age of 96. He first tried his hand at farming, but hated it. He then learned carpentry, and became an accomplished home builder. This, as well as the ministry, was his life's work. He was ordained an Elder in the COG 7th Day in 1929 or 1930.

By 1933, several Elders in the COG 7th Day had come to realize that the Church was not organized along Biblical lines, as given in the Book of Acts. So a reorganization was planned as its need became more apparent. They wanted to restore the Scriptural organization with twelve to look after the spiritual affairs of the church, and seven to take charge of the financial business, and also the seventy to go forth two by two in giving the warning message.

The time and place to do this work was set for November 4, 1933, at Salem, Vest Virginia. Weeks prior to this, a call was sent out world-wide for prayer that God would again choose men to lead His church as in the former time.

One hundred forty names were put into a box, and a man was chosen to draw the names. The names of the 12 were drawn first, and then after another short prayer, the names of the 70 were drawn. Elder William Bodine of Arkansas was number 5. Some of the others chosen were Elder Herbert Armstrong of Oregon, and Bill's brother, Elder Albert Bodine of Arkansas.

Finally, the names of the 7 were drawn to place over the church's business affairs.

A full account of this meeting was reported in the November 6, 1933, issue of the Bible Advocate, published that month in Salem, WV.

Circa 1935, Bill became aware that the Heavenly Father had a name, and that Lord and God are actually titles. So he resigned from the COG 7th day, and affiliated with the so-called "Sacred Names" groups from that time on until his death.

He built a church building north of Van Buren, AR, and held services there for many years, proclaiming end time prophetic events, mainly from the Books of Daniel and Revelation. He also witnessed to untold numbers of people with whom he came in contact, including people for whom he was building houses. Many conversions resulted from his untiring efforts.

He is survived by one daughter, Gwen Kerby of Van Buren, AR, three grand-children and six great-grand children, and a host of spiritual "sons and daughters."

—Frank Brown

Two Great Sources of News

While Servants’ News does not accept paid advertising, we have included the following information because we believe it is of benefit to our readers. We hope that our readers will not be offended that there are costs associated with these two services.Neither of these efforts are sponsored by "ministries" with a continual source of economic support. The individuals involved primarily hope to cover costs—none of them will be getting wealthy from these services! —NSE


The Journal: News of the Churches of God

Servants’ News highly recommends this publication. It contains news of local congregations and regional events that we would like to include, but simply do not have the time, space, and ability to do so. It also contains many fine features and doctrinal articles. Sometimes writers will send an excellent article to both Servants’ News and the Journal. If The Journal prints it first, we will usually not print it just to avoid duplication between the publications.

You may obtain one free sample copy of The Journal from Servants’ News or simply subscribe by sending $10 for 6 issues, $18 for 12 issues, or $32 for 24 issues to:

The Journal, Box 1020, Big Sandy, TX 75755.

Remember to include your name, address, city and state and, optionally, your phone number.


Biblical PERSPECTIVES on Current Events

Servants’ News recommends this publication. PERSPECTIVES is a quarterly periodical published for the purpose of informing and helping its readers understand the broad cultural, social, political, historical, and prophetic events of today’s world. It is edited by Melvin Rhodes, a man with much international experience. Other editors include Darris McNeely, Rick Sherrod, and Diane Rhodes. It has little overlap in content with Servants’ News or The Journal.

You may obtain one free sample copy from Servants’ News or subscribe by sending $12 ($20 non-USA) for a year subscription to:

PERSPECTIVES, PO Box 153, Okemos, MI 48805-0153

Remember to include your name, address, city and state and, optionally, your phone number.

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