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E-mail Prayer List Available

Brethren interested in praying for others, or those desiring prayers might like to consider utilizing the prayer list maintained by Rosy Halley. Each week she collects new prayer requests, prayer updates, long-term prayer requests, birth & death announcements, and other related items and electronic mails them to over 220 people. The list typically contains about 60 requests. The list is open to all believers, whether they are members of a church organization or not. To receive the list, send e-mail to:

If you do not have access to e-mail, try to find someone in your local congregation who does have e-mail—it is usually quite easy for them to print the list. You may make a request for prayer via e-mail or by writing:

Rosy Halley

4502 Skyline Dr.

Chandler, Texas 75758


New Prayer and Praise Forum

Cornerstone Publications has recently allocated some of their web site to a new feature. It is a forum designed to assist all of us in our Prayer responsibilities. By having a forum dedicated to the topic of prayer requests and praise of thanksgiving, we believe that all who visit and leave their comments will benefit. The Forum is called Prayer and Praise of Thanksgiving and it is located at:

Please restrict the use of this forum to these two topic areas. It is a place where each and every believer can browse, search and record their concerns. The search part of this forum will allow a search of the person's name, condition, location, date and whatever words have been added to the forum messages. There is a follow-up option where a direct reply can thread itself to the original message.

It is by serving each other in a time of need that shows our Agape Love."

— Keith Henders

Geraldo Airs GTA Masseuse Video

The Geraldo Rivera day-time television show aired a short piece of the video tape of Garner Ted Armstrong attempting some kind of sexual relationship with Suerae Robertson, a Tyler nurse and massage therapist. Robertson and her attorney appeared on the Friday, July 11th, show and explained how she was assaulted during a previous massage appointment. Robertson was unlikely to prevail in court with only her word for evidence, so she agreed to have a security camera installed and to accept Armstrong for another massage appointment in order to obtain better evidence. Armstrong refused to appear on the show or to issue any statement.

Robertson has sued Armstrong and the Church of God, International (CGI) in civil court. The case is currently delayed while an appeals court decides whether or not CGI should remain a party to the lawsuit. Armstrong allegedly promises Robertson that God will forgive any sin they might commit together because of his importance to Godís work. Robertsonís complaint alleges that Armstrong uses his position as a religious leader to carry on his promiscuous activities, and that the CGI board members were aware of these activities, but did nothing to stop him.

Servantsí News gave details on this story in the January 1996 issue (also see letter, p.33 in Mar/Apr Ď97). The issue is not whether or not Garner Ted Armstrong can repent and be forgiven, but whether or not he is qualified to be a spiritual leader (1Tim 3, Titus 1). How can brethren encourage new converts to watch Armstrongís broadcasts or read his publications knowing that any day they could come across this video or news of his trial in the media? How can we encourage others to attend his services or Feasts? It could destroy the faith of many to see that this "leader" does not "practice what he preaches."

We would hope that the brethren within the CGI will realize that if they are doing a real "work of God," then God will supply someone that meets His qualifications to make the broadcast. If they believe that Armstrong is the only one who can do their broadcast, then indeed they are doing a "work of men."

New Radio Ministries Flourish

A "big work" is not required for a successful Sabbatarian radio ministry. In its first year of operation, Christian Educational Ministries (CEM) now has over 40 radio stations airing Ronald Dartís Born to Win program each week. Some broadcasts advertise the phone number of a local congregation, others refer all communications to the CEM office. For information on hearing or sponsoring a CEM broadcast in your area, call 901-509-2999.

United Christian Ministries has about a dozen TV and radio stations airing their program Hope for Humanity. Ray Wooten has been working steadily at this broadcast since December Ď95, though some broadcasts were made over 2 years ago (See Servantsí News, June 1995). For information on hearing or sponsoring a broadcast, call 888-985-9066.

Radio can be effective even with one individualís effort. Lee Clark, a Sabbath-keeper employed by Radio stations for a number of years, has his own weekly radio program called "The World Now" on KSHP-AM 1400 Las Vegas, 8-9AM Sundays. He covers religious and current-events issues and generates interest among both Sabbatarians and non-Sabbatarians.

Price Correction for Singles

The price for Mike Kawasakiís Sabbath Singles Connection newsletter was changed after our previous issue went to press. The new rate for one yearís subscription is $14 (USA), $16 (Canada and Mexico), and $18 (rest of world). Contact SSC, 3229 Larkin Rd, Biggs, California 95917.

Chicago Renewal Conference

A Christian Renewal Conference was held at the Inland Center, Illinois, on Saturday-Sunday, July 19-20, 1997. The Conference was hosted by The Active Bible Church of God. Over 100 people attended.

Speakers for the conference were:

Ronald L. Dart: Evangelist with "Christian Educational Ministries"

Jon Garnant: Counselor and Speaker in the New Jersey area with the "United Church of God"

Trisha Svehla: Personnel consultant to major corporations, psychological guidance counselor with "Svehla Associates"

Gerald W. Bernardo: Wide experience as a director of youth and music activities; marine chemist with "Waterways, Inc."

John Michael Linacre: Pastor, Active Bible Church of God; Associate Director, "MESA Psychometric Laboratory, University of Chicago".

The topics of the conference were:

"Priorities in Marriage" John Linacre reviewed many basic ideas about the Christian marriage.

"Tools for Turning Teens to God" Gerald Bernardo presented some very fascinating information on tools and techniques parents can use to keep their children interested in the church as they enter their teens years. He also presented some very interesting new Scientific information which points even more clearly to a designed universe.

"Is God Really a Family?" Ronald Dart reviewed the church's teachings on God reproducing Himself through humans and helped focus us on the incredible future ahead of us as children of God.

"The New Testament Family: First Impressions" Jon Garnant demonstrated how important our study of the word was to our becoming part of the family history of the Bible which helps us to grow in even more understanding of the Bible and of God.

"Looking Within, Looking Out" Trisha Svehla had the entire conference do a personality test to help us all understand how different we all are from one another. She pointed out that once we can understand our differences we can build on that understanding and build stronger families and stronger churches.

"The New Testament Family: Deeper Insights" Jon Garnant developed the theme of his earlier message and also pointed out how important proper religious education of the children in the church should be to all of us. He also pointed out how mothers, and women overall, are uniquely equipped to be the primary teachers of children.

"Family in Prophecy" Ronald Dart was able to paint a wonderful picture of the vast universe and pointed out that even after the kingdom of God has been fully established God's project of reproducing Himself and creation is going to continue.

The Active Bible Church of God holds services Saturdays at 12:30p.m. at the Rockefeller Chapel, 59th & Woodlawn, Hyde Park Chicago. For more information on the congregation or to receive tapes of the conference, contact pastor Michael Linacre at:

address: 5610 S Drexel Ave

Chicago, IL 60637

telephone: 773-288-5650



—Bryn Hendrickson

Sabbath-keepersí Rights Upheld

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Kwasi Opuku-Boateng, a Seventh-day Adventist. The US Supreme Court announced on May 19, 1997 that it would not accept the case for review, which means the Circuit Courtís decision stands! From the Court's opinion:

This is a case involving an employer's obligation to accommodate a worker's religious beliefs and, in particular, the commitment to observe the Sabbath. Kwasi Opuku-Boateng, a temporary employee of the California Department of Food and Agriculture ("the Department"), sought permanent employment with the Department. He was selected for a permanent position, but when he advised the Department that he was unable to work on Saturdays because of his religious beliefs, the Department terminated the hiring process. Opuku-Boateng sued the State of California and several Department officials ("the State"), claiming that the State denied him a position on the basis of his religion, in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He sought reinstatement of employment and benefits, back pay, and reasonable attorney's fees and costs, as well as declaratory and injunctive relief. The district court concluded that Opuku-Boateng had established a prima facie case of discrimination but that the State had demonstrated that accommodating his religious beliefs would have caused undue hardship. Accordingly, it entered judgment in favor of the State. We reverse.

"We reverse" means that the Circuit Court reverses the ruling of the lower court and holds that Opuku-Boatend was indeed discriminated against on the basis of his religious beliefs. The remainder of the opinion makes great reading. Some of the footnotes refer to "Hardison" which was a Supreme Court case some years ago where a WCG member who was a mechanic for TWA refused to work on the Sabbath and was fired because of it. In that case, this Circuit Court wrote that "because rescheduling other employees would affect the other employee's contractually-established seniority system thus violating an employee's seniority rights under the collective bargaining agreement by denying him his shift preferences, the Court let his firing stand".

In this case, the court ruled that "the scheduling of shifts was not governed by any collective bargaining agreement, and the proposed accommodation would not have deprived any employee of any contractually-established seniority rights or privileges, or indeed of any contractually-established rights or privileges of any kind."

The full text of the opinion Opuku Boateng v. California, 94-16542 (09-19-96), can be found on the internet at

—Ewin Barnett, Compuserve WCG Forum

This case seems reasonable. Sabbath-keepers should not expect others to work less desirable hours so they can keep the Sabbath, but they need not accept mistreatment when remedy is available. —NSE &

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