Feast of Tabernacles 1997 Updates

More Housing Available for Burr Oak Feast

The Feast of Tabernacles hosted by Servantsí News, October 16-23, at the Burr Oak Resort in the Southeast corner of Ohio now has more housing available. The meetings will be held at Burr Oak Resort and Conference Center, one of the many nice resorts in the Ohio State Park system. In previous issues we mentioned that additional housing in Athens might be difficult due to a weekend university football game. The problem has been solved. We checked in the other direction and found two establishments in McConnels ville that were eager to help us. One is very luxurious; the other is nice, as well as very affordable.

If you are even a little bit interested in the Burr Oak Feast Site, please write or call Servantsí News for a Feast brochure (517-543-5544).

Sis-Q Meadows, Oregon Site

Omega Praise Fellowship is planning to hold a Feast of Tabernacles again at Sis-Q Meadows in Cave Junction, Oregon on October 16-23. This promises to be another lively feast with plenty of praise music, messages and fellowship. Brochures will be mailed out in June. To receive one, call 541-855-7220 (Beattie's) or 541-855-7403 (Salmon's). Or, write to Feast of Tabernacles, PO Box 1742, Rogue River, OR 97537.

Notes on Other Sites

Last issue, we mentioned the possibility of a less expensive northeastern feast site. We we do not believe that it will be necessary because we have helped some people make arrangements to share, and because we now have less expensive housing. A very few may need some kind of assistance. If you would like to find someone to share with or need special help of some kind, please call us at 517-543-5544 or write to the address on the back.

See the previous issue of Servantsí News for some additional feast sites.

Western Site

There was very little interest in a site near Las Vegas, Nevada. We do not intend to pursue it any further.

Comprehensive Listing

We hope to have a comprehensive listing of the Festival sites of many groups in the next Servantsí News.&