Feast of Tabernacles 1997

Servants' News will again be hosting a Feast of Tabernacles this year, October 16-23 at the Burr Oak Resort in the Southeast corner of Ohio. Burr Oak Resort and Conference Center is one of the many nice resorts in the Ohio State Park system. It is located near Glouster, Ohio, 85 miles southeast of Columbus, Ohio and 35 miles northwest of Marietta, Ohio. The resort is situated in the 3,256 acre park in some of the State's most beautiful hill country and includes a 664 acre lake.

If you are interested in attending, please let us know as soon as possible.

Ohio University is having its "homecoming game" on the weekend during the Feast. This will not affect the available accommodations at the resort nor will it create any traffic there. However, it will make it difficult to get reservations at the less-expensive nearby motels. Ac com modations at the state-park include:

Guest rooms: 1 double and 1 single bed, $55 per night, up to 4 people.

Cottages: 2 bdrm, beds for 8, has kitchen, $80 per night.

Full service campground: 20 minutes away, $10 per night.

We have an interesting line-up of speakers, Bible studies and activities planned. There are a few dozen people who have already made reservations or indicated that they plan to attend.

We do not want people to miss out on the Feast site because it is too expensive. If you are interested in attending, but the price is too high, we would like to hear from you. We may be able to make arrangements so you can share a cabin, borrow a tent, or receive assistance for your own room. Please call us at 517-543-5544 or write to the address on the back. If you are interested in attending, but not ready to make reservations yet, we would also like to hear from you.

If this site proves to be too small or does not have enough inexpensive accommodations to suit the people who plan to attend, we may look for an additional site within a few hundred miles to help accommodate others.

You may make reservations directly by calling Burr Oak Lodge at 800-282-7275 and mentioning Servants' News.

Other Non-aligned sites:

Cornerstone Publications (Jim Rector) has selected the Marina Bay Resort at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri for this years' Feast. Rooms are available at the resort and Knolls Condominiums. Rates: Studios, $55 per night; Condos: 1-bdrm—$65 per night, 2-bdrm—$86 per night; 3-bdrm (Knolls only)—$111 per night. All accommodations must be arranged through Marina Bay: 1-800-377-6274. For camping, call KOA: 1-800-562-7343.

United Christian Ministries (Ray Wooten) will again be in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, but in the Mills Auditorium. At least 10 motels are within easy walking distance at $52 to $100 per night. Workshops will be held and a live-band will attend for special music and entertainment. Call 888-985-9066.

A Church of God Ministry (Lon Lacey) has selected Albuquerque, New Mexico. See page 26 of December 1996 Servants' News for more details—over 100 people have already expressed interest. Call 505-822-8709.

Christian Educational Ministries (Ron Dart) will be at Kissimmee Civic Center in Southern Florida again this year with more music and workshops. Call 903-509-2999 for details.

Plans for several more non-aligned sites are being finalized. We will have information in the next issue.

The Churches of God
1997 Feast Sites:

The Churches of God is a group of largely independent congregations, most of which were at one time a part of the Church of God, International. Their festival sites are open to anyone who will conduct themselves peaceably. Some sites may permit "outsiders" to serve in various ways, other sites may not. In general, TCG sites represent a middle ground between Non-Aligned sites and the ones sponsored by big organizations. For a congregation near you or general information about The Churches of God, call their information center at: 800-611-8080.

Daytona Beach, Florida. Contact Manuel Rojas, 1528 Ridge Ave, Holy Hill, FL 32117. 904-673-8324.

Destin, Florida. Contact Darryll Watson, 618 West Pine St, Mary Esther, FL 32569. 904-581-2820. E-mail: elder@cybertron.com.

Lake Texoma, Oklahoma. Contact Mike Anderson, 724 West Farm Rd, Springfield, Mo 65803. 417-833-9208.

San Antonio, Texas. Contact Julian Cruz, 219 Whitefield, San Antonio, TX 78223. 210-333-7229. E-mail: jcruz@ix.netcom.com.

Sunriver, Oregon. Contact Jeff Henderson, 85 Creekside Dr, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019. 415-726-3005.

TCG International Sites:

Australia. Contact Alan Kendall, 100 Nortcote St., Aberdare NSW 2325, 61-49-912525.

Canada. Contact Don Ducene, Collingwood, 68 Inshes Ave, Chatham, Ontario N7M 2Y7. 519-351-7978.

England. Contact James McBride, Filey, 23 Walcott Road, Billinghay, Lincs LN4 3EG. 44-1526-860508. E-mail: COGUK@aol.com. &

Western Non-aligned Site?

There are not many non-aligned Feast sites in the South-West or West. If you are interested in attending a non-aligned site in a secluded mountain resort about 45 minutes from Las Vegas, please contact Servants' News. If there is sufficient interest, there is someone willing to organize it. We will publish details in a future issue of Servants' News.

Interested in Working More Effectively Within a Church Organization?

If your answer is, "yes," then you might want to obtain a copy of Craig White's paper: Utilising the Laymembers in the Local Congregations and In the Work: A System to Ensure Fair Opportunity for All. Craig attends the United Church of God, but this paper provides a lot of good information and ideas for any organization. See the back cover for how to obtain this paper.

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