Is ben ha arbayim "anytime during a 24-hour day"?

Servants' News received one paper that interpreted ben ha arbayim (literally "between the evenings") as "between the evenings that begin and end a day." In other words, it means "any time during a 24-hour period." With this interpretation, numerous problems of reconciling Old and New Testament chronology disappear—sacrifices can take place either early or late on the 14th and still fulfill the scripture.

Unfortunately, we cannot agree with this interpretation. A Hebrew expression meaning "from evening to evening" is found in Leviticus 23:32. Giving a 24-hour definition to ben ha arbayim would render meaningless most of its uses in the Bible. No other holy day has a time qualifier associated with them—why does Passover have one if it simply means "anytime during the day?" How would the Israelites know when to kill the Passover, offer the evening sacrifice, or trim the temple lamps if the command meant "anytime during the day?"

We believe that the Eternal is capable of giving instructions that were both clear for ancient Israel and prophetically accurate for New Testament events.

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