Dear Abi...

We would like to give a brief tribute to a woman of the Bible who is rarely mentioned. We do not know much about her, but her trust in the Eternal and dedication to child-rearing must have been truly awesome. In ancient Israel, children of kings were usually raised by their mothers—kings had "more important things to do".

Abi or Abijah, as she is also called, (2Kngs 18:2; 2Chr 29:1) was the daughter of Zechariah, an evil Israelite King who was murdered after six months of rulership (2Kngs 15:8-11). Her husband was Ahaz, an evil king in Judah (2Chr 28:22-29:1). It is unlikely that Ahaz ever arranged for his son, Hezekiah, to have any instruction in the way of the Eternal. Even with these difficulties, Abi managed to teach Hezekiah so much respect for the Eternal that in the first month of his reign, he vigorously began to re-institute the true worship and to destroy the false religion. He was only 25. It was not the priests or Levites who were "pushing him to change," but it was Hezekiah who motivated them (2Chr 29:3-4).

At the time of the resurrection, we will be able to hear Abi's story. But, for now, we give her this tribute, and pray that the Eternal will continue to inspire other women and men to powerfully stand up for Him in the face of opposition as Abi and Hezekiah did.

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