Coronation Stone Goes To Scotland.

The Associated Press, July 14, 1996

LONDON—The Stone of Scone, a symbol at the coronation of English and British kings for 700 years, is returning to Scotland.

Prime Minister John Major made the announcement Wednesday, stoking debate over whether Scotland should gain some form of independence.

Carried away by King Edward I in 1296, the 400-pound Stone of scone (pronounced skoon) reputedly was the coronation seat of ancient kings of Scotland and Ireland.

Opposition parties who advocate independence said the return of the stone was not enough.

"The majority of people in Scotland...want not just the symbol but the substance, the substance of the return of democratic control over our internal affairs in Scotland," said Sir David Steel of the Liberal Democratic Party.

When I visited England in 1983, the British Government Tour-Guide who was explaining the Stone of Scone to tourists said they believed it was Jacob's pillar stone (Gen 28:22) and that the ancient Israelite kings were crowned upon it.

Does the removing of this stone mean that England is soon to go into captivity? How does it relate to Ezekiel 21:26-27, which has been interpreted as being the movement of this stone. It is interesting that national patriotism is so low that England is willing to part with this national symbol in hope of achieving a temporary peace with Scotland. We do not have any revelation or special understanding of these events or related prophecies, but they are certainly something to watch and to pray about. —NSE

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