In transition concept to continue

Servants' News has had many inquiries about the self-announced closing of the In Transition newspaper. We have been asked if we would try to increase our news of the various organizations in an effort to replace their function, but we are much happier to announce that Dixon Cartwright, the present Editor of In Transition, plans to continue the concept on his own.

We feel it is very important that there be multiple sources of news for brethren, just like there are multiple sources of news available in the world. If multiple, truly independent publications report the same issue the same way, the reader can be relatively assured he is understanding the truth of the matter. If multiple publications report the same event in different ways, it may be confusing, but at least the reader will realize that one or more of the publications is biased or fabricating. When there is only one news source, it is hard for readers to know whether it is accurate or not. People interested in the truth being told will not mind multiple news sources. People interested in controlling others will want a single news source—which they control.

In addition to accuracy, multiple sources also increase the coverage. Editors vary in what they consider important. One publication will cover items that another will not. Since most "Church of God" groups give members information about only their own group, it is important that we have several independent publications.

Since In Transition does not attempt to "preach the Gospel" to new people, organize services or take specific theological positions, it is not a "ministry" in the same way that Servants' News is. We believe that charging a fixed fee for a subscription is appropriate. We hope that all interested people will subscribe to Dixon Cartwright's new publication.

—Norman S. Edwards

The New Publication Plan: by Dixon Cartwright

I am currently working with the founder and publisher of In Transition, John Robinson. He suggested that I start up another publication—which I would want to be very similar to In Transition—the month after In Transition ends, February, 1997. It would have a different name but very similar content.

We would use a Texas printer, who can print slightly larger tabloid pages, so the only significant change, besides the altered name, would be a taller page and a larger (easier to read) type size, which we've had many requests for.

In Transition is the brainchild of John Robinson, and it's taken a lot of work and a team effort that in Indiana and Texas has included Linda Smith, Mac Overton, Scott Ashley, Shaun and Rachel Venish, Scott and Peggy Moss, Kimberly McCullough, Scott Smith and many people all over the world who have contributed material for publication.

Others, such as Leon Walker, Don Ward, Ewin Barnett, Mark Kaplan, Darris McNeely, Dave Havir and Ellis Stewart, have served as regular writers and contributors.

One of the few people who could have spearheaded and succeeded at something like In Transition is John Robin son. I'm pleased to say that John has told me he would still be on the staff of, and a regular contributor to, the successor publication as an editor and writer. I think with his help we can make a go of it. I am extremely grateful to John for his assistance and for this opportunity.

John for various reasons prefers to end In Transition per se, which is what we are doing. What I will probably do is mail the first issue of the successor publication to the entire mailing list of In Transition, then invite people to subscribe.

The writers and editorial people would still be geographically scattered. The main thing that would change is that more of the publication would be in Texas, and the paper would be printed and mailed from Texas (no longer from Indiana.)

Tentative name of the paper (subject to change): News of the Churches of God, with the subhead: Incorporating In Transition.

Address PO Box 1020, Big Sandy TX 75755, Tel: 903-636-4779, FAX: 903-636-9097, Email: Price per year, 12 issues (same as In Transition), $18.

Who is Dixon Cartwright?

Dixon Cartwright, 49, lives in Big Sandy, Texas, with his wife, Linda, and two children, son Trey, 16, and daughter Jamie, 13. He is a member of the United Church of God, Big Sandy (separately incorporated from, but affiliated with UCG-AIA in Arcadia, California).

Born in Atoka, Oklahoma, he is a 1969 graduate of Ambassador College, Big Sandy. He worked after graduation for the college and church until 1978, including as a founding staff member of the Worldwide News in Big Sandy and later Pasadena, from 1973 until it was temporarily discontinued in 1978.

In 1978 he founded and operated for 12 years a typographic and graphics business in Big Sandy and Tyler, which he sold in 1990. He bought and published a weekly newspaper, The Big Sandy & Hawkins Journal, from 1985 to1988, when he sold it to a newspaper chain.

He served on the mass-communication faculty of Ambassador College in 1982 and from 1991 to 1994. He was faculty adviser to the students who produced the college newspaper, The Portfolio.

He has a bachelor's degree in theology and communications from Ambassador College (1969) and a master's in journalism from Texas A&M University-Commerce (1991).

He has served as editor of In Transition since its first issue, in May 1995.

For the past several years he has once again been self-employed, operating an editorial-service business out of an office in his home.

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