Dr. Roderick C. Meredith August 11, 1996

Presiding Evangelist

Global Church of God

16935 W. Rancho Bernardo Dr.

San Diego, CA 92127

Dear Dr. Meredith:

Please accept my resignation from the Global Church of God. I herewith resign from all positions I currently hold in the Global Church of God in this country and in Guyana, Trinidad and Barbados, including my membership in any corporate structures of the Global Church of God.

I submit my resignation at this time because I now see that Global will not submit to the truth of the Bible in all situations. In Global, there is too much emphasis on what Herbert Armstrong said in contrast to emphasizing what the word of God says. The booklet "When Should You Follow Church Government" is a classic example of this point. The booklet is 45 pages in length, and Mr. Armstrong's name is mentioned 62 times. From this, one clearly gathers that Mr. Armstrong's words are thought of as authoritative in Global and esteemed liked the words of Christ.

I did not join the Global Church of God to preach the doctrines "as taught by Herbert Armstrong prior to 1986." When I first heard Carl McNair make this statement as the position of Global, I was greatly disappointed because when I joined Global, the issue was not Herbert Armstrong; the issue was the truth of God's Word. My commitment as a minister of Jesus Christ is to teach the doctrines as they are in the Bible. The truth of God's word does not need any support from man, it is the authoritative Word of God. When I joined Global, I believed the organization was committed to making the Bible the foundation of all its beliefs. Prior to joining the Global's ministry, I discussed some doctrinal concerns I had to make sure past errors would not be continued in this organization. These errors included the teaching that Interracial Marriage was a sin, and that there was such thing as "physical sin."

When I spoke to you on the phone, I was given the assurance that these false teachings would not be continued in Global. However, I now feel your verbal assurances were aimed at appeasing me, more than a sincere agreement with my position. I have submitted papers to Global on interracial marriage and the doctrine of physical sin. I have also submitted papers on whether or not Herbert Armstrong was the end time Elijah, and the meaning of being born again. Global has never seen fit to send me a personal written response to any of my papers.

I heard that the born again issue was discussed at a council of elders meeting, and later I noticed that the correct understanding was briefly elucidated in a World Ahead article. But I was never given a personal response, and I'm sure most members and ministers continue to hold the wrong understanding of what it means to be "born of water."

Likewise, though you have verbally agreed that interracial marriage is not a sin, most members still think it is, and Global has done nothing to correct the understanding of the general membership.

On the issue of physical sin, Carl McNair wrote a brief piece in a ministerial journal in support of Mr. Armstrong's incorrect teaching. I called him on the phone and spoke about it and let him know that I disagreed with his position and proved my point scripturally. Carl told me that I could teach what I believe, but would not acknowledge that Mr. Armstrong made a mistake.

I recently received a letter from Carl McNair that shows me his lack of commitment to the word of God in deference to protecting the memory of Herbert Armstrong. I am attaching a copy of my reply to Carl McNair's letter for your benefit, though I doubt you will make any changes.

In addition to the papers I have written, there are additional doctrinal errors in Global, including hierarchical government, calendar postponements, and the doctrine of British Israelism. I will not take the time in this resignation to prove your errors to you on these points. In any case, I know others have already submitted papers to you on these issues, and you continue to teach error in spite of the fact that you have been shown otherwise in the word of God.

I bear no ill will toward you or the Global Church of God, and I pray God will grant you repentance. As with Worldwide, financial problems should be an indicator that something is doctrinally and administratively wrong. Sadly, you seem eager to blame the membership for the current problems and show no sign of looking inwardly to see if you are doing something wrong.

Please understand that you have my full support and cooperation in turning over all Church assets and in making this transition as smooth as possible.


Wesley B. Webster


cc: Carl McNair, Colin Adair, David Pack, George Brittlebank, Laurus Alfred, Tyrone Yarde, Ramsumair Sookram

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