Servants' News

February 1996

Non-Aligned Feast ’96 Update

A number of responses have been received that show interest as well as input. The responses of interest received so far generally fall into three regions: the Northeast, somewhere where there is water, sand and sun and thirdly, scattered in the Midwest and West. We hope to have a solid list of sites in the next issue or two of Servants' News. We have also heard from some small groups that are interested but already have plans. We hope to publicize locations of all recommendable open feast sites soon.

Regarding input, we have had one concern expressed overwhelmingly that we would like to address here. To quote one response, "I am a bit concerned about the messages that we might receive. There are all kinds of ideas out there now even in the church of God. Your ideas about the question and answers afterwards seem like a good one and could be a welcome addition."

I think most of us come from a background of attending the feast with messages that were fairly predictable because they would pretty much fall down the party line. With our growth in understanding recently, we might be pretty much appalled at the error if we were to go back fifteen years.

I can probably guarantee that error will be presented at our non-aligned sites. But a question has been asked, "Do you prefer officially sanctioned error over the error you might here from a non-official source?" In the officially sanctioned forum, you may get severely disciplined for questioning the error. Whereas in the non-official forum that we are trying to create, the error can be challenged and hopefully many more will learn deeper truth.

We need to realize that we should no longer be babes in Christ. We should be mature enough to handle error in a Christian way. Someone suggested that we should officially get some big names involved as that would make the non-aligned endeavor more reputable. We pretty much disagree with that line of thinking. We do not have anything against the individual "big names" but that does away with the whole idea of being non-aligned. So called "big names" are welcome to join us and contribute but will not be leaned upon or exploited to draw numbers. A number of these names applaud what we are doing and hope that it is successful.

We are intending to exercise a small degree of control over the speaking schedule at the sites we directly sponsor as other non-aligned Feast sites have occaisionally done in the past. As organizers we need to organize the schedule. Anyone with something worthwhile to say will be allowed to speak, schedule permitting. Obviously, someone is going to have to be the judge of what is worthwhile. Some guidelines will be drafted to guide individuals in determining what is worthwhile. This is a high-priority area where we are looking for solid input.

We hope that some concerns have been answered. If anyone is interested and/or has any input they wish to pass on, by all means, please do. Once again, contact us via any of the following methods:

Feast '96: Non-Aligned!
510 Gillespie Street
Locust Grove, Oklahoma 74352
Phone: 918-479-8111
Fax: 918-479-8555

-Norman A. Brumm, III

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