Servants' News

February 1996

Letter from the conference of ministers of The Church of God, International

To the Board of Directors,

Our first Field Ministers conference in Dallas-Ft. Worth,Texas, was convened openly and honestly with the awareness of and invitations to all ministers, hosts, Ministerial Council and board members to attend.

We trust and believe that responsible minded men, led by the Holy Spirit, will respectfully consider these following recommendation for implementing Godly reforms in the Church of God, International. We prayerfully submit them form the ministers signed below.


1.Because of our love and concern for Mr. Garner Ted Armstrong, we ask that he take a Sabbatical, during which time he attain professional counseling to help with his sexual related problems. Re-instatement to his evangelical duties would commence with majority concurrence of the CGI Ministry and the newly elected Board referred to in the following point.

2.As a result of a no-confidence vote in the present Board of Directors, we recommend an amendment to the constitution and bylaws that will enable the reconstitution of the Board of Directors. This new Board would consist of members recommended from the church and selected by the full Ministry of the Church of God, International.

We appeal to the good intentions of the Board Members to promptly act in leading the church in the right way at this critical time in our church history.

We request you to receive this letter in the spirit in which it is sent—an alive branch with Christian love and hope for an improved progressive church of spiritual power.


In Christ's Service,

Michael Anderson

Charles Beyer

Desmond Burke

Julian Cruz

Pat Dennis

Floyd Dodson

Scott Erickson

Fill Faith

Bill Fowler

Charles Fulton

Jon Garnant

Lawrence Gregory

Jeff Henderson

Ian Hufton

Jim Ingle

Tom Justus

Alan Kendall

Gerald Kirby

Michael Linacre

Frank Mrang

James McBride

Howard Naasz

Gary Porter

Bill Rollins

Frank Scherich

Robert Simmons

Loren Stuart

Ken Svehla

James Ussery

E. B. Vance

Virgil Velasquez

Bill Watson

Darryll Watson

Tom Whitson

Tom Williams

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