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January 1996

Jubilee ’95

Sabbath, December 23

1:30 Introductions and Instructions.

1:35 My Search for the Sabbath at a Vatican University, Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi.

2:45 The Sabbath in early America, Historical Presentation, Jim Franks.

4:05 Examples of Sabbatarian Cooperation: The Bible Sabbath Association, also Giving and Sharing,Richard Nickels.

4:55 Church of God, 7th Day, in 19th and 20th Centuries, Calvin Burrell.

6:05 Typology of Holy Days in the New Testament, Ronald Dart.

7:00 Holy Day or Holiday, Dr Samuele Bacchiocchi.

Sunday, December 24

8:00 Divine Rest for Human Rest lessness, Dr Samuele Bacchiocchi.

8:50 Sabbath and Holy Day Linkage,Dr Donald Ward.

9:40 Holy Days Observance in the Early Christian Church, Peter Nathan.

10:45 Paul and the Holy Days, Larry Walker.

11:15 Holy Days in Galatia and Colosse, Panel: Bacchiocchi, Burrell, Nathan, Walker, Ward.

1:45 Are the Feast Days for Christians?, Calvin Burrell.

2:35 Holy Days for Christianity, an Overview, Larry Salyer.

3:35 Update: My Research on the Biblical Holy Days, Samuele Bacchiocchi.

Split Session—Espada Room:

5:20 Determining Time: Biblical and Historical Calendars, Panel: Edwards, Martin, Solinsky.

Split Session—Iberian Ballroom:

5:20 Holy days in revelation: Language and Symbolicity, Gerald Aust.

6:05 Passover Controversies, John Sash.

Combined Session:

7:45 P.M. Meet the Professor Reception and Displays, All speakers.

Monday, December 25

8:00 The Biblical Holy Days and their New Testament Significance, Dr Ernest Martin.

Split Session—Espada Room:

8:50 Sukkot & The Millennium, Larry Salyer.

9:35 Yom Kippur's Two Goats.

10:40 New Moons Panel: Nathan, Nickels, Solinsky, Sash, Walburn

Split Session—Iberian Ballroom:

8:50 Diversity Among Sabbatarians, Panel: Edwards, Nickels, Ruth, Walburn

10:40 John 5:17: A Sabbath Controversy, Debate between Dr Samuele Bacchiocchi and Dr Ernest Martin moderated by Ronald Dart.

Combined Session:

1:15 The Professors Answer (open for questions), Aust, Bacchiocchi, Burrell, Dart, Edwards, Martin, Nathan, Nickels, Ruth, Salyer, Sash, Solinsky, Walburn, Walker, Ward.

3:00 Concluding Comments, Peter Nathan.

Jubilees '96 Announcements:

The "Friends of the Sabbath" announces two new local chapters: Sidney, Australia and Houston, Texas.

The initial plans for the Jubilee conferences for 1996 have been developed. Instead of 2 large luxury Jubilees with many speakers and many subtopics, the conferences will this year be more focused, speakers limited to 3-4, and they will be locally coordinated and sponsored. Local community sabbitarian churches and fellowships that request a Jubilee will support the conferences locally. The Jubilee topics will cover the Sabbath, the Holy Days (same high quality scholarship) plus one other topic of local interest (eg sabbath history, spiritual gifts, Christian service, etc).

Dr Bacchiocchi has agreed to continue to be the key note speaker at all of this year's Jubilees. Efforts will be coordinated in some cases also with the Bible Sabbath Association. Costs have been reduced, local housing will be provided, and more time will be allotted to discussion and fellowship. There will be no conference registration fees.

The focus will be on evangelizing the community as well as fostering sabbitarian cooperation. Fruits of the evangelistic efforts will, of course, be reaped by the local churches who participate.

Conferences are being planned for:

March 22-24 Indiana

April 5-7Michigan

June 7-9 Alabama

July 4-7 Sidney, Australia

August 3-5 Seattle

Sept 26-27 Arizona

Nov 29-Dec1 England

Dec 27-29Mexico

We greatly appreciate all who have participated in and supported our efforts over the past year.

Keep these efforts in your prayers. Your comments, suggestions, and support continues to be much appreciated. —John Merritt

Friends of the Sabbath
27068 La Paz, Suite 500
Laguna Hills, CA 92656
(714) 362-3687

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