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January 1996

Attention All Sabbath Keeping Groups

From the Bible Sabbath Association:

January 4, 1996

Dear Fellow Sabbath Keeper,

The Bible Sabbath Association is in the process of revising the Directory of Sabbath Observing Groups. The directory is circulated to Sabbath keepers all over the world.

During the revising process we are contacting every Sabbathkeeping organization we can to make sure that they will be included in the revised Directory. The BSA requires that the organization recognize the the Lordship of Jesus Christ (Yahshua the Messiah) and observe the seventh-day Sabbath.

Some groups were inadvertently omitted and there are a number of new groups. Since the records are now on computer we are constantly updating as we get new and corrected information. We also plan to use some cross-referencing in the 1996 edition.

If your group wishes to be included in the 1996 edition, please let us have your information as soon as possible. If the information used in the 1995 edition is still current we will use the information if you let us know.

We are asking you to submit the name and address of any Sabbath-keeping groups you know of that should be included. We are also asking you to complete the enclosed form for inclusion in the Directory. For inclusion your response must be returned to us by March 1, 1996.

Should you desire to include more information about your organization than will fit in the standard space, additional space is available at the cost of $50.00 per page. Photos (black/white are better than color), can be inserted in your extra page for $20.00 each.

The directory of Sabbath Observing Groups is a very helpful directory and can be useful to everyone if the information is current. Please help us keep the information up to date.

Thank you for your timely reply,

Bryan Burrell, Secretary-Treasurer.

Please include the following information on a sheet of paper and send it to:

The Bible Sabbath Association
HC60, Box 8
Fairview, OK 73737
(405) 227-4494

Information needed:

Name Address
City State
Zip Code Country
Phone # Purpose
Leadership Body History
Distinctive Doctrine Holy Days?
Sacred Names? Periodicals
Evangelistic Efforts

The standard space for each section is limited to 255 characters. Sections may be left blank.

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