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We print a representative sampling of our mail both positive and negative. We do not include names unless we are fairly sure that the writer would not object. To avoid any difficulty, writers should specify how much of their name and address they would li like us to print. We include our response to each letter in this type-style. We have selected a title for each letter for easy reference. If writers supply their own title, we will be happy to use it.

Less Negative Letters

Letter: December 4, 1995

Dear Mr. Edwards,

Thank you for all your hard work in bringing us the Servants News. The only negative thing I have to comment about it is the letters column, which is mostly venomous and negative, and really isn t worth wasting space on. If a letter does not point out so something uplifting and encouraging, why bother to print it?...

I am enclosing a check to help out a little in the work that you are doing.

Thank you.

G.P., Tennessee

Actually, we receive mostly short, very positive letters. However, you will notice that many of the books of the Old Testament are filled with negative examples- examples that we are to learn from and not repeat. When deeply held beliefs are challenged, pe people often get angry and "venomous." Those that are well-grounded should be able to help them, not just point out their difficulty and dismiss them.

We should get used to working with upset people. We will probably need to work with many of them in the future. We need to realize that our Savior came, spent his entire life working with people much less righteous than himself and was still willing to die for them. He is our example! -Norman S. Edwards

Wants Back Issues of SN

Letter: Oct. 15th 1995

Dear Friends of The Brethren:

We saw our first copy of Servants News at the Feast here in Tyler Texas. We knew about In-Transition out of Monroe, Ind. 46772 (P.O. Box 450). It has helped us. Believe me, its not free. We would appreciate being added to your mailing list. Please f find our check enclosed. Thank you so much for this timely and needed work.

Angel Gonzalez's letter said it all - July 95. We loved someone expressing how we also feel.

Are you able to send any back copies? This is Paul s 36 Feast. My 33 Feast. We are very thankful Christ is finding a way to feed His Sheep.



Yes, we have back issues of Servants' News available and will gladly send them.

Like you, we find In Transition very helpful. It is not free, but we can assure you that it is not making anyone wealthy, either. It was started as an independent source of information to brethren, not as a separate "work". They do not have a "doctrinal statement", hold services, counsel people, etc. They do not solicit nor receive significant donations so charging a subscription price is the only way they can continue to operate.

-Norman S. Edwards

Looking for Fellow Workers

Letter: July 5, 1995

I would like to introduce myself to you. I am a former member of the Worldwide Church of God out of Peterborough, Ont. I left about 2 years ago and have been keeping fellowship with Fred and Carol McGovarin, who have already called you and talked to you as to what business we are about, as well as to congratulate you on the fine work you are doing. I would also like to personally applaud your work and although not in a very good financial position at the moment, would like to at least offer you my spiritual support through prayer. What an excellent way for everyone to keep in touch and inform each other of any new knowledge that comes to light. It reminds me of the old cliche, "You can't see the forest for the trees". It's true, when you are looking to just one man or a handful of men for spiritual insight, you automatically ignore the hundreds of thousands of other trees, or sources of fruit, that make up the forest....

The question of church government came into sharp focus for me recently when I studied a subject in the college I am presently attending, called Group Think. It is based on a book of the same title, by an author named I.L.Janis (1982). In it he explains how groups work, and how they survive by counting on 8 basic attitudes....

My only advice to members of organized churches is to not be afraid to explore outside points of view, and to truly search and prove all things. Do not simply believe everything you are told. Remember, we are all being tested and made perfect through testing. Freedom is standing before Almighty Yahweh and his Son, Yahshua the Messiah, our eternal High Priest, on our own two feet, ready to give account for what we have done with the talents that were given to us, and I'm sure that there are many out there who have been brainwashed into believing that the only talent they have is to support the work financially.

I am willing to share my thoughts with any willing to listen as well as listen to the thoughts that any others are having. I've only had a chance to read a few articles from a couple of your publications and am very pleased with the fact that so many are making an effort to get their thoughts out in the open. What individual groups need to do now is to brainstorm about them and see if they find any agreement or not. Then write in their thoughts on the matter; either a short confirmation or as much solid scripturally based data to the contrary. We should not be afraid to kick ideas around to see if they break apart or not.

Also, we should not be afraid of being wrong and receiving negative feedback. How else can we truly analyze what we believe to be true?...

What would have happened if Paul would have been afraid to speak out about circumcision? Or if Peter had been afraid to speak out about allowing Gentiles into the body of Yahshua? Yahweh truly calls upon all men to be individual thinkers. Everyone s op opinion and input is valuable; if for nothing else but to prove it wrong, so as to eliminate it from our long list of questions and misconceptions.

I strongly believe that this is the key to unlocking a vast storehouse of knowledge that has been locked up inside each individual member and has never been allowed to come out. Did any of the prophets go to the established priesthood for permission to preach the word of Yahweh? Did Yahshua? Did His apostles? Every single individual in the body of Yahshua is commissioned to preach the good news of the kingdom. None should be silenced.

I would like to request to be on your mailing list and to invite correspondence with any other group or individual who may wish to do so. I would also like to wish you all success in the future.

Sincerely yours in Yahshua s Name

Gary Primo
Fenelon Falls, Ont.
Canada, K0M 1N0


We agree with your analysis of how Yahweh works through people. He does not send His servants to human authority when He has work to accomplish. Even when Yashua (Jesus) came to the earth, He ignored the established priesthood and began to teach in Galile Galilee. Old Testament prophets usually had to speak in spite of the kings. The prophet Agabus did not ask Paul's permission to prophecy, but spoke the words he was given to Paul (Acts 21:8-14). We hope you receive some communications from others that read your letter.

-Norman S. Edwards

Ready for Right Kind of Gov't

Letter: Nov. 3, 1995

I just wanted to let you know how much I do appreciate the Servants News. I really feel overjoyed when I see the brown envelope in the mail. Everything written therein is so interesting. I read all of it to the finish. I have made some copies of the article on "How the Eternal Governs Through Humans." The one's I have given a copy to, feel the same way I do. They are burnt out on the Church Government that W.C.G. had, or has.

Norman, I like what you have written about Church Government. You use Greek words and let them explain what the interpretation of a certain word in the Bible is. I can certainly see God's spirit there in your writings. You have done a lot of searching and proving & praying before the final results. It's all so evident in your writings. I like Jim Rector's articles also: I have so many of them. If you don't mind I would like to have the article "Just What does the New Covenant Do?" I think I know, but your articles explain things so well. I just can't get enough reading from each of you.

Please write more articles that we can study on, somehow I just know what you "all" are doing & saying is according to what the Eternal approves. I came into the Worldwide Church in 1970. Really I was baptized in that year. Things seemed to begin to fall apart right afterwards. I had studied the original material from Herbert Armstrong in all readiness. I couldn't get enough of it. I have it all stamped in my memory and I do not want to let it go. Yours is even better. After all the heartache and disappointment of W.C.G. I'm very much ready for the right kind of government-the one you have written about. It rings a bell in my brain. I hope you never let go of what you have started. We need "your kind." God needs you at work doing the true works.

Every one I know surely does love your works. Keep it up. We are praying for you.


M.C., Mississippi


We all need the true Biblical government. We also need to realize that it brings much more responsibility on the members rather than less. The way Satan seems to work through hierarchical governments is first establish absolute control, then gradually get the leadership off the track.

When individuals and local congregations accept their responsibility to understand the Bible for themselves, Satan sends deceivers, arguers, and sometimes deceitful demons right into their congregations. The holy spirit gives us the power to handle these problems, but we should not be surprised when they occur. It is part of our training to learn to recognize counterfeits and deal with them.

We probably will not have a chance to relax until Satan is bound.

Norman S. Edwards

Letter: September 27, 1995

Dear Mr. Edwards,

Please put me on your mailing list. I want to receive the Servants News. I have found it very informative and I feel that I am in contact with some of my brethren. I was in the WCG for 20 yrs. I left in April. I really miss my brethren. I hold Servi Services here in my home with several Members. We are striving to make it into the Kingdom of God. I know God is working out His Plan. But it is very sad. I would like to hear from the brethren.

Your Sister in Christ

Lillie Braswell
309 Harris St.
Madison, Tenn. 37115


Thank you for your letter. We hope that you will take advantage of our service on page 6 to send letters to the scattered brethren.

Norman S. Edwards

Letter: December 4, 1995

Dear Mr. Edwards,

First I d like to say thank you so much for all your help and literature.

Ron & I are seeing many sides of the Gospel that we didn't see before. The biggest of which is love toward God and love for our fellow man. (I see how far we have yet to go. Ron & I.)

I would also like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to speak with me on the phone. Through your patience as well as that of many others such as Ray Wooten, Fred Coulter, Lon Lasey and any others that have helped me to find my way to God & Christ our one source of the true Church, which is the body of believers, not the organization we tithe to or fellowship with. I now see that I can't church-hop for the rest of my life looking for the perfect place to do the work of God. But my first work must be with myself and my house.

Through God and his patience as I stumble often, he will now lead me to learn the true love for him and my brothers in Christ as well as all men. That I have searched for and fallen so short of for the last 11 years.

I thank you again for allowing God s spirit to lead you in his work, which has helped me find my way to that narrow road of love for God & men. I have included what I hope will cover postage and paper for what you have sent so far. We look forward to he helping more in the future as we are able.

Thank you again

R.B., Alabama


We are glad to know that you are receiving help from a variety of sources. We hope to make information available from all of the teachers you mentioned in the future.

-Norman S. Edwards

Letter: September 27, 1995

Dear [Servants' News],

BRAVO! on your August 95 issue of Servant's News.

The article "The Sounds of a Different Drummer" is RIGHT ON. Robert Schimmel has hit the nail on the head. Better to be in a small parade on the right road than in a big one headed the WRONG WAY. These words are true also for several other "major" splits from WCG. When will WE WAKE up?

And you gave a well-balanced considered response to the pathetic soul who wrote to you about "TEN REASONS..." Surely, the blind do lead the blind. Folks, AUTHORITARIAN CHURCHES are not ordained of God. Where is it written that one man-or a council of ministers-runs the church and ALL MUST PAY homage to them? And by the way-A "HOME OFFICE" EQUALS "Headquarters"!

God bless you all.

F. Paul Haney
Unity Christian Fellowship
Watertown, Connecticut 06795


Thank you for your comments. You ask a good question asking "Where is it written...?" After posing that question to ourselves, we found that the scriptures reveal something quite different from what we had always thought.

We also applaud you for stepping out and doing a work in the Connecticut area. We recommend your small quarterly newsletter, "The Fellowship Commentator" to our readers. [Interested readers can write to the address above.]

-Norman A. Brumm