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July 1995

Learning From the Writings of Herbert W. Armstrong

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations... teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always” —Matt 28:19-20

“But when they persecute you in this city, flee to another. For assuredly, I say to you, you will not have gone through the cities of Israel before the Son of man comes.” —Matt 10:23


Many organizations that call themselves “Christian” spend very little time teaching the actual words of the Bible. Hence, we should not be amazed when the organization which Herbert W. Armstrong founded no longer distributes or his writings.

While Herbert Armstrong never claimed that his writings were perfect or equal in authority to the scriptures, they have certainly influenced many thousands of people to reject false ideas taught in the name of Christianity and to understand much of the truth of the Bible.

While some people have understood a great amount of Truth by reading the Bible and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, it seems that most learn it with the help of a teacher. It is a great aid to read the writings of a man that strove to learn and teach the Bible for over 50 years!

While some of his works (e.g. 1975 in Prophecy) are primarily of historical value, Mr. Armstrong's writings are an invaluable tool in teaching the truth to people that have never had a chance to hear or see him. They touch nearly every area of Bible, religious, social, and ethical questions that people ask today. Few men have ever or will ever write so much in one lifetime.

While many “long-time church members” have shelves and boxes full of these old articles and booklets, there are many others that have no access to them at all. We must remember that Herbert Armstrong has been gone for nearly ten years. There are many capable, converted men and women today that were children or teens when he passed away.

One such man is David Day. In order to serve the Eternal’s people, he has taken it upon himself to make copies of the text of the writings of Herbert Armstrong available to those that would like to read them. He already has nearly 100 books, booklets, and articles in a ready-to-reproduce format, and he is working on others. Mr. Day’s list contains some titles written by close associates of Herbert Armstrong, since these works are largely another author’s understanding of Mr. Armstrong’s teaching on a particular subject.

You can obtain copies of these writings by requesting them from:

David Day
548 Havasu
Tooele, UT 84074
Telephone: 801-833-0622

David would like to make these copies available in the same way Herbert W. Armstrong did: free of charge. However, we at Servants’ News would like to take it upon ourselves to encourage you to help David in a few simple ways:

1) Do not ask for everything you need to fill out your collection or for everything that you might want to read someday. This can require a lot of time and effort and result in little benefit. Ask for those items that you intend to read or give to others in the near future.

2) If you can, send something to help defray the cost of reproduction. Pages can easily cost five cents each to copy and about fives cents more to mail first class. Fourth class mail is only one to two cents per page, but it does arrive more slowly.

3) Let Mr. Day know about any important booklets or articles that you might loan him that are not on his list. Also, he is thinking about making Mr. Armstrong’s audio and video tapes available in the future.

The following page contains a list of the works available from Mr. Day. Those with two asterisks after the title (“**”) have not yet been prepared for reproduction. Please do not expect quick service on these items. This list is sorted in alphabetical order, with the words “a”, “an”, and “the” removed from the front and placed in parenthesis at the end of the title. Some of the titles, are booklets, some are articles, and some had been published as both..

We hope this literature can be a help to you and many others.

1975 In Prophecy **
After Death—Then What?
All About Water Baptism
Am I In It for the Money? [PT article August 1980]
Ambassador College College Correspondence Course [56 Lessons, 1-40 available]
Are We In the Last Days?
Are We Living in the Last Days?
Are You Being Called by God?
Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong Vol 1 & 2 **
Awesome Power of Prayer (The)
Be a Positive Christian
Bible Story Vol. IV (The) **
Bible—Superstition or Authority? (The)
Black Horse—Famine (The) **
Book of Revelation Unveiled at Last (The)
Building a Happy Family
Crime Can be Stopped **
Crucifixion Was Not on Friday (The)
Do We Have the Complete Bible?
Does God Heal Today?
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (The)
Germany in Prophecy **
God Restored These 18 Truths (WN Aug 25, 1986)
God’s Sacred Calender
Gospel Pollution **
Has Time Been Lost?
How and Why We Know We Have the Truth
How Long Were the “Days” of Creation?
How Often Should We Partake of the LORD’s Supper?
How to Observe God’s Festivals
How to Study the Bible
How to Understand Prophecy
How You Can Be Imbued With the Power of God!
Human Nature—Did God Create It?
Incredible Human Potential (The) **
Is all Animal Flesh Good Food?
Is Jesus God?
Is Sex Sin **
Just What Do You Mean... A Cult?
Just What Do You Mean... Born Again?
Just What Do You Mean... Conversion?
Just What Do You Mean... Kingdom of God?
Just What Do You Mean... Salvation?
Key to the Book of Revelation (The)
Man Who Couldn’t Afford to Tithe (The)
Managing your Personal Finances **
Mark of the Beast (The)
Middle East in Prophecy (The)
Military Service and War
Missing Dimension in Sex (The) **
Modern Dating **
Mystery of the Ages **
Never Before Understood
New Covenant—Does it Abolish God’s Law? (The)
New Facts About Marijuana **
New Feminism... Have Women Ever Really Had Their Rights? (The) **
New Morality (The) **
Our Polluted Planet **
Pagan Holidays or God’s Holy Days?
Pale Horse—Disease Epidemics (The) **
Plain Truth About Easter (The)
Plain Truth About Healing (The)
Predestination—Does the Bible Teach It?
Principles of Healthful Living **
Proclaiming the Gospel by Your Last Will and Testament **
Read the Book
Real Jesus (The)
Recent History of the Philadelphia Era of the Worldwide Church of God (WN June 24, 1985)
Red Horse—War (The) **
Resurrection was not on Sunday (The)
Secret Rapture—Fact or Fiction? (The)
Seven Keys to Understanding the Bible
Seven Laws of Success (The)
Some Fishy Stories... About an Unproved Theory **
Ten Commandments (The)
The Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong [booklet version]
The Six Great Doctrines of
Hebrews 6
This is Ambassador College **
This is the Life! Real Abundant Living
This is the Worldwide Church of God **
To Hell and Back
“Tongues” Question (The)
True History of the True Church (A)
True Womanhood
Truth about Earthquakes **
United States and Britain in Prophecy (The) **
Whale of a Tale (A) **
What Do You Mean the Unpardonable Sin?
What is a real Christian
What is Christ’s Gospel? [from 1976 GN]
What is Faith?
What is Man?
What is the Reward of the Saved?
What is the True Gospel?
What is Worldliness?
What Science Can’t Discover About the Human Mind
What Will You Be Doing in the Next Life?
Where are Enoch and Elijah
White Horse—False Religion (The) **
Who is the Beast?
Who Will Rule Space?
Why Marriage?
Why Must Men Suffer?
Why the Strange Custom of Halloween?
Why We Need God’s Holy Spirit
Why Were You Born?
Wonderful World Tomorrow (The) [Booklet]
Wonderful World Tomorrow (The) [Book] **
World Crisis in Agriculture **
World Held Captive (A)
World Peace—How Will It Come?
Worldwide News, February 10, 1986 [About HWA’s death]
You Can Defeat Discouragement!
Your Awesome Future

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