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June 1995

Sources of Bible Information

Although, Friends of the Brethren’s goal is to make a wide variety of Bible literature available free of charge, we will only distribute a tiny fraction of the thousands of worthwhile Biblical books and periodicals available today. Below, we list a number of organizations that we believe produce useful information. While most of their literature has a price, some groups will send it free to those in need. Friends of the Brethren receives no benefit from these organizations, but lists them because they may be helpful to our readers growth.


Giving & Sharing
PO Box 100
Neck City, MO 64849

Giving & Sharing is a non-profit mail order bookstore serving Sabbath-keepers around the world. They carry most Bibles and religious books in print. They have a two-page order form listing many hard-to-find items of particular interest to Sabbath-keepers such as History of True Religion by Dugger & Dodd, Hislop’s The Two Babylons, and Bacchiocchi’s Sabbath to Sunday.

Their goals are: (1) distribute Bibles, religious books and articles at the lowest possible cost, (2) promote the Good News of the Kingdom, observance of Biblical Law regarding the Sabbath, Holy Days, tithing, healing, health, marriage and family, and (3) oppose eating unclean meats, observing holidays of pagan origin, divorce, and sexual perversions.

They distribute free Bible studies and a newsletter.


Bible Sabbath Association
Rt 1 Box 222
Fairview, OK 73737

This organization has members from many different Sabbath-keeping groups. They produce the Sabbath Sentinel, a 6-issue-per-year magazine, covering a variety of doctrinal issues as well as articles helping Sabbath-keepers cope with today’s trying times.

Bible Sabbath Association offers about a dozen books and booklets about the Sabbath, some appropriate for teaching people that are just learning about the Sabbath. Also, they publish a directory of Sabbath-keeping organizations.


Bible Educational Services
PO Box 736
Troy, OH 45373

This organization sells books, booklets, tapes, videos, and other items of interest to Sabbath-keepers. Their prices tend to be higher for similar items offered by Giving and Sharing, but they offer some items not available through Giving and Sharing. Some of their videos are designed to help children resist the pagan influences in our schools and society.


In Transition
PO Box 450
Monroe, IN 46772

This is a 16-page, 6-issues-per-year newspaper covering events in the United, Global, International, and other major “Church of God” organizations. It also contains sermon summaries and articles by various teachers in these groups. However, it is not controlled by any one of these organizations and appears to be a fine source of news.

The first three issues were dated May 5, May 26, and June 23, 1995. They contained the information on the formation of the United Church of God, as well as the Articles of incorporation and bylaws of some of these corporations. Lists of ministers moving to new areas were also included.

The paper devotes some space to issues of general interest to all Sabbath-keepers. We particularly enjoyed an article in the second issue about the lives of Ukrainian Sabbath-keepers behind the iron curtain.

Send $10 to the above address for a subscription.

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