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June 1995

Conferences: Past and Future


The Sabbath in the 21st Century

Sponsored by “Friends of the Sabbath”

27068 La Paz #500, Laguna Hills, CA 92656


Dana Point, May 28-29, 1995


This conference was attended by 168 people from a great variety of organizations. The major presentations were:

“My Search for the Lord’s Day at a Vatican University”
Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi, Seventh Day Adventist

“Sabbath & Sectarian Judaism”
Dr. Peter Nathan, Ambassador University (WCG)

“Sabbath in Colosse & Galacia”
Mr. Larry Walker, United Church of God;
Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi and Mr. Peter Nathan

“Holyday or Holiday”
Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi, Seventh Day Adventist.

“The Sabbath—a Confession of Faith”
Mr. Ronald Dart, Church of God International

“Sabbath in 1st Century CE: Judaic & Christian Worship”
Mr. Larry Walker, United Church of God;
Dr. Greg Walburn, Institute for Ethical Monotheism; Mr Peter Nathan and Samuele Bacchiocchi

“Sabbath & the Modern Woman”
Mrs. Lee Ann Luker, United Church of God;
Mrs. Sandy O’Maley, Church of God, Modesto;
Mrs. Carolyn Scharpen, United Church of God

“Argument from Silence”
Mr. Peter Nathan, Ambassador University (WCG)

“The Biblical Canon and the Sabbath”
Dr Ernest Martin, Association for Scriptural Knowledge

“The Sabbath and the New Covenant”
Mr. Larry Salyer, Global Church of God

“Church of God, 7th Day, a History” and
“The Sabbath & Christian Renewal”
Mr. Whaid Rose, Church of God, 7th Day

“Legacy of Steven Mumford to the Sabbath in America”
Mr. James Guy, Worldwide Church of God

“Sabbath and Modern Youth”
Mr. Bill Jacobs, United Church of God;
Scott Merritt and Vanessa Skidmore, high school seniors

“Divine Rest for Human Restlessness”
Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi, Seventh Day Adventist.

“Do’s and Don’ts Reconsidered, Conclusion”
Mr Dennis Luker, United Church of God


A complete set (15 hours) of audio or video tapes of the conference are for sale. A transcript will be available very soon. To order, contact “Friends of the Sabbath” at the address or telephone number listed at the top of this article.

“Friends of the Sabbath” has no affiliation or financial dealings with Friends of the Brethren.


The Church of God & Computers: Potential & Possibilities

A discussion at the 1995 Feast

How can the brethren in the churches of God use computers, computer bulletin board systems, computer online services (e.g. America Online), and the resources of the Internet or World Wide Web to help them grow in their Christianity and preach the gospel to the world? A discussion on various computer topics will be held in Destin, Florida on Oct. 10th and 11th at the Sandestin Beach Resort (800-277-0802). These are the second and third days of the Feast of Tabernacles (Hebrew calendar). Destin is located half way between Pensacola and Panama City—less than two hours drive from many organization’s Feast sites in the Florida pan-handle.

Would you like to give a presentation or lead a discussion on the above topics or on other computer-related subjects? Are you interested in attending? Write to: Alan Ruth, PO Box 4373, Troy MI 48099, e-mail or call 810-737-4037 for further information.


Network by Mail

We have had several requests to start a network or “pen-pals” section so Servants’ News readers may get in contact with others. We are glad to be of service in this capacity, but would like to make sure everyone understands that we have no control over who ultimately reads this publication or who will write you if you place your address in this column. If you give your home address, someone could show up on your doorstep! Many other religious organizations read this publication and some may routinely send their literature to any address that appears to be a member.

We recommend that you rent a post-office box or a box from one of the many private mailing services. If you use this kind of address, you can simply close the box if you do not like the mail you are receiving. However, we will use the address that you submit to us.

Unfortunately, we have misplaced our oldest pen-pal request. So, if you would like a listing in this column, please resubmit it. Please include a one or two sentence description of yourself and your interests.


John McCauley, PO Box 132, Broomall PA 19008-3737. Single, interested in understanding exactly what the Bible says in its original language. Recently finished a thorough commentary on the Book of Galatians.


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