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May 1995

Talk to Brethren by Computer

Talk to Brethren by ComputerWhilst computers are not for everyone, they can be a valuable resource for our own growth and serving others. If you have a computer with a modem (2400 baud will work, 9600 to 14.4K is better), you may wish to subscribe on one of the on-line services where many brethren exchange notes and Bible information.

To subscribe to CompuServe, call 800-848-8990. After you have connected to CompuServe, select Services, then Go from the menu. Type in religion. When you look at “messages” or “libraries” select #10, “WWide Church of God”.

To subscribe to America Online, call 800-827-6364 and ask for a 10-hour free trial kit. After you connect, select Go to, then Keyword from the menu. Type in religion. From this list box, select “Christianity”, then “Christian Fellowship” from the next list box. In the third list box, find folders titled “WWCOG” or “The Church of God.” You make look at messages & replies, add a reply, or create a new message of your own.

— Norman S. Edwards


[There is no guarantee that the above information will still work, as computer access services often change, but was correct at the time of original publishing, May 1995. There are, however, many alternative means to communicate online with like-minded brethren, such as Yahoo forums, and other online groups. Also modems are faster and there are faster Internet connection methods than that described above, such as broadband connections, cable Internet access, etc. Please search for what you consider to be the best and most suitable for you.]

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