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May 1995

News from Local Congregations

News from Local Congregations

News from Local Congregations
This column includes information sent to us from a variety of groups. Servants’ News does not necessarily agree with the teachings or practices of these groups. Please ask about them before attending their functions.

This section is for short articles or letters about activities of local congregations. We will mention local congregations as they form or as we learn of significant news. Groups listed in this section may have some doctrines or policies which we cannot justify from the scriptures, but we believe most of them are a reasonable place for fellowship with the brethren. We believe the holy spirit will guide you in your fellowship decisions if you will study and ask.

Since there are so many new congregations starting with the United Church of God, it will be some time before we can cover them. We would appreciate any brief stories sent to Servants’ News.


New Global Church of God Ministers

The following ministers have begun working with the Global Church of God during the last few months.

Adair, Colin

Apartian, Dibar

Burson, David

Millich, Rand

Pace, Hadden

Sexton, Rex

Weston, Gerald

We appreciate their efforts to continue teaching the truth as they understand it from the Bible:


Feast of Tabernacles

A number of organizations are planning festival sites that will accept people without regard to their corporate affiliation. If you know of other sites that are open to any of the Eternal’s people, please let us know and we will be glad to list them here. We expect to have an even greater number of sites for the next issue. The United Church of God sites simply say “UCG” for now—please give them a few weeks to better organize before asking too many questions.

The festival dates are listed with each site as multiple calendar systems in use among the Eternal’s people. Please be sure to verify that the dates of the Feast you plan to attend correspond to your understanding of the Eternal’s calendar. [We are not trying to say that one calendar system is as good as another. Many individuals have sincerely studied the scriptures and arrived at different conclusions. The Eternal honored alterations to his festivals when the intent was good (2Chr 30:1-3,20,23,27) but condemned those with an evil intent (1Kngs 12:32-33,13:1-3). It is not our job to judge people for the understanding they have deduced from the scripture on this rather complex subject.]

Only the initials of the organization are specified for sites run by a larger organization. You may obtain the address and phone number of the organization from the list at right.

Feast Sites in Order by State:

Arizona, Tucson. Oct 9-16. Contact UCG.

California, Kings Beach. (near Lake Tahoe) Oct 9-16. Contact CGI.

Colorado, Glenwood Springs (90 miles east of Grand Junction.) Oct 9-16. Contact Fred Coulter. 408-637-1875.

Florida, Destin. (East of Pensacola) Oct 9-16. Contact James Rector, 3802 Olive St, Texarkana, TX 75503.

Florida, Panama City Beach (East of Pensacola) Oct 9-16. Contact CGI.

Florida, Pensacola. Oct 9-16. Contact Fred Coulter. 408-637-1875.

Kentucky, Land-between-the-lakes. (near Paducah) Oct 9-16. Contact CGI.

Missouri, (southwest). Details announced next issue.

North Carolina, Asheville. Oct 9-16. Contact UCG.

Oklahoma, Wagoner. (near Muskogee) Oct 9-16. Contact CGI.

Oregon, (coast). Details to be finalized soon.

South Carolina, Myrtle Beach. Oct 9-16. Contact John Pinkston, PO Box 2345, Kennesaw, GA 30144.

Texas, Corpus Christi. Oct 9-16. Contact UCG.

Texas, Tyler. Oct 9-16. Contact CGI.

Canada: British Columbia, Whistler (90 minutes from Vancouver) Oct 9-16. Contact CGI.

Canada: Ontario, Collingwood. Oct 9-16. Contact CGI.


Places to Fellowship

This list contains a number of organizations with many Sabbath-keeping congregations. Some welcome any seriously interested visitors, others may insist you meet certain requirements before attending. By our experience, visitor acceptance varies tremendously among congregations of the same organization.

We encourage all people with the holy spirit to fellowship with each other as practical within or without an organization. We are in the process of constructing a comprehensive file of local congregations including large organizations and local groups. We will announce it here when it is ready.

Church of God, 7th Day [Salem WV]. PO Box 328, Salem, WV 26426. 304-782-1411.

Church of God, International. (CGI)P.O. Box 2530, Tyler TX 75710. 903-825-2525

General Conference of the Church of God 7th Day. PO Box 33677, Denver, CO 80233. 303-452-7973.

General Council of the Church of God (7th day). 1827 W. 3rd St. Meredian, ID 83642. 208-888-3380.

Global Church of God. PO Box 501111, San Diego CA 92150. 619-675-2222.

Philadelphia Church of God. PO Box 3700, Edmond OK 73083. 405-340-7474.

United Church of God. See article on previous page.


Tape Ministries Available

If you are not able to fellowship with a Sabbath-keeping group that feeds you, there are organizations that will send tapes on a weekly basis, plus provide other literature. While we do not endorse every teaching of these organizations, we feel there is much to be learned from them. Some of the organizations listed under “Places to Fellowship” have cassette programs also.

Christian Biblical Church of God. PO Box 1442, Hollister, CA 95024. 408-637-1875.

Church of the Great God. PO Box 471846. Charlotte, NC 28247. 800-878-8220 or 704-544-2100

Congregation of God Seventh Day. PO Box 2345, Kennesaw, GA 30144.

Cornerstone Publications. 3802 Olive Street, Texarkana, TX 75503.


Kansas City Congregation

As reported last issue, Gerald Weston, David Burson and about 200 members began meeting independently in the Kansas City area. Mr. Weston (816-228-2035) has since decided to work for the Global Church of God. As of this writing about 100 members are attending with him, and about 100 members are attending with Richard Pinelli (307-844-8379), associated with the United Church of God.


Sabbath Conference in California

You may attend the conference “Jubilee ’95, The Sabbath in the 21st Century” this May 28-29 at the Dana Point Resort, Dana Point, Calif. Activities include Lectures, panel discussions, question-answer, education, dialogue, fellowship, books & literature displays. No organizing, no proselyting, nothing to join. Reaching out, across corporate bounds.

Speakers include Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi, Dennis & LeeAnne Luker, Ronald Dart, Dr. Peter Nathan, Dave and Sandy O’Malley. Cost $95 for single, $175 couple, children free. For information write to Friends of the Sabbath, 27068 La Paz #500, Laguna Hills CA 92656 or call 714-362-4444.


United Church of God & Worldwide Church of God Texas

The people starting these organizations agreed to work together under the name United Church of God An International Association. See the story on page 1 for more information. Many local congregations are already meeting. We do not have details on all congregations at this time—some are still forming. However, you may call one of the following men near you for information about a congregation in your area:

Minister Region State Telephone Fax Number
Dick, Bob Pacific N/West WA 206-821-8250  
Franks, Jim South Central TX 713-370-5924  
Holladay, Roy East/Atlantic FL 813-463-4622 813-463-4622
Horchak, Doug Mountain CO 970-686-7760 970-686-7649
Luker, Dennis West CA 714-559-9165  
Pinelli, Richard Midwest IN 307-844-8379 307-844-8379
Servidio, Jim Upper Midwest MN 612-323-0257 612-323-2047
Welty, Lyle Northeast OH 216-572-9478  
Wooten, Ray Southeast AL 205-822-8524 205-822-8529

In addition to the men listed above, we have a list of ministers that we believe are working with the United Church of God. This list was collected from on-line computer services and other sources but may have some mistakes, so please independently verify this information before making any significant decision based on it.

We encourage everyone to be patient during this time of transition—finding the location of meetings and getting answers to simple questions may take much longer than normal. Many physical details that make a congregation run smoothly must be redone all at once., such as hall rentals, mailing lists, disposition of assets, etc. Simply transferring all of the information from one computer to another can be an all-day job. Even church leaders have many personal and emotional issues to work through—that means a few late-night discussions with family and close friends. Please remember not to try to push people into attending one place or another; each person is responsible for their own actions. Here a list of ministers probably associating with the UCG:

Bald, John

Hooser, Don

Noel, Eugene

Thompson, Dick

Billingsley, Alton

Horner, Noel

Orchard, Brian

Tuck, Jim

Bosserman, Tony

Hulme, David

Petty, Gary

Walker, Larry

Buchanan, Steve

Jacobs, Bill

Peoples, Robert

Walker, Leon

Cisneros, Herbert

Jahns, William

Register, David

Waterhouse, Don

Dove, Roy

Knapp, Mitchell

Reyes, Camilo

Waterhouse, Gerald

Dunlap, Wayne

Kubik, Victor

Roybal, Larry

Webber, Robin

Elliott, Rob

Langarica, Saul

Sable, Carl

Weinland, Ron

Foster, Roger

LaRavia, Ellis

Salcedo, Dan

Wilson, Dean

Greer, Lambert

McNair, Burk

Segall, Stuart

Winnail, Doug

Greider, Larry

Mills, David

Seiglie, Mario

Zehrung, Warren

Hargrove, Vernon

Moody, Steve

Stiver, Randall

Zimmerman, Chuck

Havir, David

Myers, David

Swenson, Guy



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