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Volume 14, Number 2, November-December 2010
(Actually published October 2011)

The Holy Scriptures in English

Now Available in Leather with Gift Box

Thanks to All Who Made it Possible!

by Norman Edwards

Rabon Vincent would like to thank everyone who helped him work on the Holy Scriptures in English, and offer free copies to the Servants’ News readership. This is the King James Version of the Bible with all of the archaic language converted to modern American English and a number of known translation errors corrected. Servants’ News carried several articles on this Bible beginning with its Nov/Dec 2000 issue. Then Mar/April 2001 issue entitled it “Project for a Decade”, and it indeed has taken that long. SN Readers suggested input and volunteered to proofread the manuscript. this writer feels profoundly grateful to have his name included in this small, humble, but high-quality effort to distribute the Holy Scriptures.

The Bible is 6" x 9", made out of burgundy Genuine Leather with foil stamping on the spine, gold gilded edges and two ribbon markers. It has 968 pages of thin but sturdy Bible paper. The main text is an easy to ready 10.5 point Arial Narrow font—exactly the same as used for Bible quotes in Servants’ News! While the Helvetica font has been used extensively in print for decades, the narrow version of it is not as widely available as Arial Narrow and takes a little more space to print the same thing. Both of these are sans-serif fonts—fonts without the little embellishments on the ends of lines in letters. (The main text of Servants’ News is Times New Roman, a serif font.)

After a careful study of the oldest extant styles of print for the original Biblical languages (both Old and New Testament), Rabon concluded that the original printing style (though by hand) could best be described as Sans Serif.

The Bible and its gift box are made in China at the largest Bible producing plant in the world (about one Bible every 2.6 seconds). When the final draft of the HSE was ready, the printers were narrowed down to two candidates, one from the U.S. (in fact, that manufacturing location is in the state of Indiana, about two hours from Rabon’s home) and one from China. Samples of the quality of work were provided by both. On first glance, they were nearly identical in quality. However, after careful examination, the one printed in Indiana showed a lot of crackling, appeared to have head and tail band issues and had an inferior gift box construction. Even though the cost of printing in Indiana was 80% more and some of the quality appeared inferior, it was still considered. In the end, quality and price won out and while China did get the printing job, the U.S. businesses still got most of the associated transportation fees (and managed to do damage to several boxes). Rabon Vincent saw it this way: “A lot of the building materials and workmanship in constructing David's Palace and the First Temple were from foreign sources (2 Samuel 5:11. 1 Kings 5:8,18) and, in the end, the results are what matters.”

Unfortunately, Rabon has lost touch with some of the people who helped him on the project, so he strongly urges them to write or e-mail to receive their copy. Also, he is offering a copy of the Bible free to anyone who will use it. Write:

Rabon Vincent

5686 E 175 N

Kendallville, IN 46755      &


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