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Volume 14, Number 2, November-December 2010
(Actually published October 2011)

Global Something!

by Norman Edwards

This writer well remembers being scared as a child of ice ages looming on the horizon—endless cold, no more food, and eventually the death of the world. The April 28, 1975, Newsweek article below, entirely copied for fair use purposes, shows the attitude of the day: scientists were sure of a coming ice age; the only thing in doubt was what people might let their governments do about it. Today, children are similarly scared of global warming!

The National Center for Atmospheric Research produced both the 1975 graph at right and the current one below. In 1975, they were predicting an ice age, and today they are predicting global warming! How can this be? Well, at least their technique is consistent. They always show only the portion of the data that best suits their current scheme. The 1975 graph stops at 1970 because temperatures began to turn upward between 1970 and 1975. The graph begins at 1880 because the record shows the earth had been colder for hundreds of years than it was in the 1970s.

Today, in the graph at right and nearly all “global warming” graphs on the Internet, data stops at the year 2000—because temperatures begin to level and drop off during the last few years! Similarly, the left end of the graph deliberately starts in the year 1400 because the thousand years before that was much warmer—some periods warmer than today.

Even the Global Warming movement itself has now adopted the name “Global Change”. Whether temperatures go up or down, this movement sees the need for global taxes and global control of resources by the governments, banks and businesses that fund the scientists that produce the answers they want.

Is global warming man made? Do we need to counter the “greenhouse gases” we put into the atmosphere? In the 1970s, global cooling was said to be caused by sunlight reflected away from the earth by dust and ash we put into the atmosphere. Temperatures change, but the earth remains! Are you glad that governments took no massive action to stop the coming ice age predicted in 1975? Do you believe that our leaders are any more honest today? Are we not better off to seek global repentance and trust God to manage His earth, than to give global power lying human governments?     &



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