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Volume 14, Number 2, November-December 2010
(Actually published October 2011)

by Todd Elder

Who am I? Where did I come from? What is the meaning of life? What is right and wrong? What happens after death?

When the topic of creation is raised, many people think only of the scientific debate between Creationism and the Theory of Evolution. However, the topic is much greater and broader in scope. How a person answers the above questions, how one relates to the Almighty, the reliability of Scripture, and even understanding the need for salvation through the Messiah are all impacted by how one views the first few chapters of Genesis.

One of the fundamental concepts for believers is that Elohim is the Creator and that mankind is part of His creation. This concept greatly impacts how people begin answering the above questions. Within this view, life has much meaning and purpose, there are definite answers as to what is right and wrong, and there is hope of eternal life after a physical death.

From the perspective of Evolution, the great questions of life have hopeless answers: 1) A person’s life occurred by chance when certain chemicals came together for a period of time. 2) There can be no greater meaning to life, no absolute right and wrong, and no hope of life after death.

Both my personal work in the creation science field and my efforts at the Port Austin Bible Campus are based upon the same goals of encouraging life, defending Scripture, and helping people have a closer relationship with the One Most High. This is often done by taking a stand against Secularism and the product of secular science that is known as the Theory of Evolution. Secularism is the rejection or exclusion of religious considerations. Secular Science examines the idea that the universe occurred without a god or some type of designer. It often follows the Big Bang Theory for cosmology, the Natural Origins Theory for the Earth's formation and development, and the Theory of Evolution for biological life.

Many believers throughout the world live in a secular society and with a secular education system. Typically, the classroom will have little if any information about the problems of evolution theory and absolutely none of the support for the special creation that has occurred. Furthermore, the effects upon society from following the concepts of evolution theory include an increase in racism, the eugenics movement of the last century, and now the push for genetically modified organisms today. This type of world view devalues life and, therefore, contributes to suicide, murder, and other types of violence that disregard any sanctity of human life.

Secular concepts have also found their way into the lives of believers. This has largely occurred by mixing the truth of Scripture with falsehoods of Secularism. One of the greatest examples of this is the concept of Theistic Evolution, which proposes that Elohim created things but He did so through evolution and over billions of years. This compromise within the church has had the terrible effect of undermining the validity and accuracy of Scripture. It also brings into question many of the basic understandings and truths of the relationship Elohim has with mankind.

One of the prime understandings of the Scriptures is that when Elohim created mankind there was a special relationship between them. When Adam and Eve were disobedient, this relationship changed and death came into the world. This leads to the need of having a Savior who can bring people back into that special relationship and the offer of eternal life. If any types of evolution are involved, then the ancestors of Adam and Eve would have been fighting and killing each other for survival for millions of years. This would negate the effects of the first sin, as death would already exist in the world and a judgment of death for disobedience would be meaningless.

The Scriptures are also clear in describing that Elohim spoke the Heavens and the Earth into being in a literal seven day act of creation. Any theory that suggests it was a longer period of time has to be based on assumptions, philosophy, or a mixing of evolutionary theory. These produce internal inconsistencies with the creation account. For example, regarding the Sabbath day one can read that "for six days hath Jehovah made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and resteth in the seventh day; therefore hath Jehovah blessed the Sabbath-day, and doth sanctify it (Exo 20:11 YLT)." These days must be taken as literal 24-hour days. If the days were interpreted as long ages, then it could mean that man must work a relentless six million years and then rest for one million years. Instead, the original creation week has becomes the basis of the seventh day Sabbath that the Almighty uses as a sign for His people.

My personal website, http:/ examines the scriptural, scientific, and social aspects of Creationism by looking at the topics of the Creator, the Creation, the covenant relationship, salvation through the Messiah, and the battle with evil. I am also the founder and administrator of the Creation Science League, located at: which is a group of scientists and other people volunteering their time to freely promote an understanding of creation in the sciences. These and other writing outlets, such as Sabbatarian publications, help to spread an understanding of the Almighty's creation and the relationship He desires with mankind.

As administrator of the Creation Science League, I have been making arrangements for the Port Austin Bible Campus to receive a donated set of the Creation Science Lobby Display that is currently being designed by the League. This will be used as a small Creation Museum on the campus. This project will be part of the ongoing efforts to help people know the value of life and the accuracy of Scripture.

For comments, questions, or more information you may reach Todd Elder at PO Box 729 Port Austin MI 48467 or by email at &

Exploring truck and trailer used by the Elder family in gathering web-site data.

Deer browsing at thermal pool, Yellowstone National park—one of many photos.


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