Volume 13, Number 1, May-June 2009

Youth Rally At Spring Vale Academy
… As Seen in Pictures

By Norman Edwards

Eighty attendees from four Michigan churches converged at Spring Vale Academy for the annual Youth Rally on November 22, 2008. At the first Sabbath service, they enjoyed a sermon by Andrew Fernandez on "The Best of the Bible." Fernandez' fresh and honest preaching style distinctively caught the attention of his listeners. The morning concluded with the baptism of Christian Perry of Richardson, Texas.

 The afternoon service featured the energetic Paul Coulson, who compared and contrasted comic book superheroes-his favorite is Captain America-and heroes of the Bible. The "undiscovered" Paul Coulson is one of the most enthusiastic communicators to youth in our time. Coulson kept his audience in rapt attention while he delivered a message that was both exciting and challenging.

The Spring Vale Academy drama class presented four skits during the afternoon service. The evening concluded with a talent show, where the house was brought down by Christian Perry and Abel Molinar's rendition of The Cheeseburger Song, and a pizza-movie night in the rec center.

The youth rally was planned by Pastor Tim Hinds and FYC officers: Kelen Caswell, Courtney Coulson, James Edwards, Abigail Nienhuis, and Shelsie Pollock, the theme was "Best of the Bible: Heroes of the Faith."

The pictures at right give a little flavor of what it would have been like to be at this event. You can contact me with questions at:

dboyles@springvale.us 989-725-2391 Web: www.springvale.us         &



Coach Paul Coulson preaching on "Super Heroes of the Bible"

Andrew Fernandez preaching on "The Best of the Bible"

Stefanie Kendrick & Sarah Noble lead worship with SVA musicians

Pastor Tim Hinds baptizing Christian Perry.

Kelen Caswell, senior, FYC president and  master of ceremonies

Drama skit with Isaac Molinar, Azalie Belnavis, Blake Whisman, Tabitha Weekes, and Estela Ortiz

Skits play in important of SVA life. Verteran drama teacher Kendra Nobel has helped students through a great variety of Christian drama, involving them in important Bible lessons. Moreover, the other students pay attention to what their friends are doing.

Talent Show skit: Justin Shapitka, Cory Caswell (dead at the moment), James Edwards

Abel Molinar and Christian Perry bring down the house with the "Cheeseburger Song"

Jacob Betancourt and Jaime Rodriguez Karate demonstration


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