Volume 13, Number 1, May-June 2009

What the Students Are Saying about Spring Vale

Lizzy Baker, Sophomore, Oregon: I like the friendships you make. You find out who you are because people are honest with you. I appreciate the staff. They have good intentions for us and want to see us succeed and live a good Christian life. They do what they do because they care.

Shelsie Pollock, Sophomore, Washington: I like the positive Christian environment and how everyone (both students and staff ) is growing together in their Christian walk. I really admire some of the staff members because they work hard in their relationship to students to help them get what they need to succeed in life.

I like the school because I can get advanced classes. They try to schedule your classes  according to your needs; they don't just put you on a track. I'm really excited about the dual enrollment because I could do honors English this year and college English for the next 2 years.

Kelen Caswell, Senior, Michigan: The seniors are saying this is the best year they have had since they've been here. This year, we had students accept Christ, who I thought never would have. The positive atmosphere is what's making the good behavior happen. I'm hoping to get started with an accountability partner and to encourage others to do the same thing.

Hannah Klopfenstein, Student Body President, Senior, Indiana: It's great to be able to come to a place where there's a Christian environment, and you can grow. Sometimes, I think, kids only realize this after they get out of school. The staff work very hard for us students, and sometimes kids never see it. I think the academics are good here, and I'm really glad about the college classes. Miss Noble is a demanding teacher, but we learn a lot from her. I like a smaller school, because you get to know everybody personally. There are a lot of opportunities here.

Carissa Carbajal, Junior, Wisconsin: The friends that you make at Spring Vale are amazing! Deans and teachers want the best for you. It's not just because it's their job-it's because they want to do it. They're really helpful and understanding. School's not easy, but I'm doing better than in the last two years. At home, I never really did my schoolwork. Now, I'm getting everything done. I like Friday night worship (led by students.) I also like the way the Pastors speak and how they are as people (their character.)


Christian Perry, Freshman, Texas: I like Pastor Tim. He's helped me get closer to Christ, and he's helping me get baptized. The countless opportunities to go to church have really helped me.


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