Volume 13, Number 1, May-June 2009

Defining Greatness
(in a Lady)

By Serena Halverson

Photos by Serena Halverson (top and bottom) and Kathryn Wagers (middle).

What does it mean to be a true, God-fearing, amazing, extraordinary woman?


It means honor

It means strength

It means grace

It means virtue

It means beauty

Extending from within and enveloping the whole


It means waiting

It means watching

It means living

It means giving

It means pouring out one's life

To the world around us


It means sacrifice

It means patience

It means love

It means a listening ear

It means an encouraging word

Even when it is easy to nag


It means touching the lives of children

It means shaping manhood around us

It means showing womanhood how amazing life can be

It means following the Master to the ends of the earth

It means reaching out to the lost and dying

Even when it leaves us without physical comfort


It means building up, and not tearing down

It means going against the grain

It means standing up when the world says sit down

It means sitting down when the world says stand up

It means listening to a different song

The song from Above             &


Text Box: I was assigned to write what I thought it meant to be a woman of God; here I share what I wrote.

Serena Halverson, 19, lives in eastern Kentucky with her family. You can email her at dawnhalver@yahoo.com or connect with her on www.facebook.com


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