Volume 12, Number 2, September-October 2008

 Port Austin Bible Campus Update:

Continuing via Your Work & Ours

Our July/August 2008 issue explained the trials and options that we faced here at PABC. Seven specific options are listed on pages 23-24. Thanks to all who wrote us with encouragement, suggestions, help and correction.

We received one letter telling us that God has put us here for a purpose and that we dare not think about leaving or sharing the facility with other groups. An opposite letter asked that we admit to everyone that the whole thing was a big mistake and that we apologize to everyone involved. Most letters were somewhere in between. We talked with some groups about sharing or acquiring our facilities, but nothing developed.

One of the best letters we received suggested that we follow “Option 2”: working toward self-sustenance and ministering to others as we are able. This is in keeping with Paul’s teaching. He said that he had the right to receive of the brethren for his ministry, but that he would rather work himself (1Cor 9:6-19; 4:12). That certainly stops people from accusing one that they are “in it for the money!”.

Those of us here at PABC have agreed that we will not accept anyone to live here unless they can economically contribute to the ministry in some way. That may mean turning down people that we could help. However, if the Eternal does want us to help them, He certainly knows how to provide the resources. Our last issue did cause a few more people to decided to help to this ministry various ways.

The work we are doing to support this ministry has consisted of selling over six thousand on e-bay, other on-line places, and to local second-hand buyers. Finding a new home for used things is a blessing for all involved. It brings a useful item at a good price to someone who needs it, it helps to fund our ministry, and it either reduces the need for storage space or cuts down on what would otherwise be trash.

Ebay and other on-line sellers specifically encourage non-profit entities to do this and they have made special provision for them. Some of the items we have sold were our own. Others were given to us, and still others were given as partial offering: the person was not willing to give the item away for nothing, but they were willing to let us use volunteer labor to sell it, and then keep half of the proceeds as an offering, refunding the rest to them.

We already have a backlog it items to sell and of people to talk to about items that we can potentially sell. But we will eventually run out of those. If you would like to help us , and have something of value (over $20) that you no longer want, we would be glad to work with you.

If there are any fellow-brethren, even young people, who would like to learn on-line selling, but who are also willing to work hard and accept the Spartan conditions of living here, we would like to hear from you.

Future plans have become complicated by Norman’s parents who are now in their mid-80’s and need some care from their three children in their Arkansas home. But the Eternal has made a way so far—and we pray that He will continue.            &


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