Volume 12, Number 2, September-October 2008

Books Worth A Look: 

The Fungus Link

By Doug A. Kaufmann, Copyright 2000 by the author,
Published by Media Trition, Rockwall, Texas
Reviewed by William A. Buckman

If you found our last review (The Chronology of the Old Testament) irrelevant to your daily life, here is a book that almost certainly affects you, or someone you know. You may be familiar with Candida yeast infections. But this book shows that Candida is only one of hundreds of fungi that can infect our bodies. The book’s author does not spend much time on the biblical perspective, but he does make reference to Leviticus 14. This writer is beginning to believe that what the King James Bible calls “leprosy” is really fungus infections in people and buildings.

Multiple writers have contributed to this book. The main author is not an M.D., but several of the others are. Doug Kaufmann has spent much of his adult life researching and educating on health issues, particularly in relation to fungus. He is certified by the American Society of Allergy Technicians and helped devise the first ELISA food allergy tests. He has written several health related books, does national radio and TV programs, as well as frequently lecturing around the country. Dr. David Holland has his M.D. degree from Texas Tech University and has worked with Doug Kaufmann since 1996 in a nutritional medicine clinic in Dallas, Texas.

The authors believe there is often a fungal basis for many of our common and major health problems including allergy, respiratory, heart and many others. They back up their claims with evidence from major scientific journals and other M.D.s, as well as the personal testimonies of some of the many people they have helped.

Their solution for fungal problems is fairly simple, but not necessarily easy for a lot of us to carry out. Basically one needs to go on a diet that starves the fungus and take an anti-fungal drug or herbal fungus killer. The diet restricts virtually all sugars. Fungi love sugar! Stevia is allowed and a minimal use of honey. Initially all grains are eliminated and most fruits. Green apples, avocados, berries and some citrus are allowed. Thankfully this diet can usually be modified somewhat after a few weeks.

Along with describing a number of fungus related health issues, the book also takes on some more general problems in the medical profession itself. On page 83 Kaufmann states: “Charities are often the public relations entities for the medical communities that they represent. According to the book Unhealthy Charities, you’d be surprised at who these “charities” are charitable to.” He continues on page 84: “Less than five per cent (5%) of the funds raised by the ALA [American Lung Association] for “urgent need” research actually goes to any research at all! The other 95% apparently covers costs, including payroll. According to the above referenced book, the ALA is a marketing wing for the respiratory organizations, purportedly including doctors, who treat lung problems.” Further on page 85 he writes, “I believe what irritates me the most is the fact that the medical associations via their promotional and purportedly “non-profit associations, seem to be preying on children. That is apparently their “target market”…. Each of the magazines mentioned above has small, helpless children on the cover.”

In spite of this Kaufmann does not say one should not go to an M.D. He just recommends you be very careful and seek medical advice from a variety of health practitioners. The book also cautions us to be careful of antibiotics and vaccines in general. Dr. Holland points out on page 209 that chronic fatigue syndrome began appearing just shortly after the use of antibiotics became prevalent.

Even though reference is made to several technical journals, this 283 page book is easy to read. It contains an index, charts of the diet program, some recipes, a ‘frequently asked questions” section, and a “fungal quotient questionnaire”.

In looking at Doug Kaufmann’s website, knowthecause.com, I discovered there are now two more books in The Fungus Link series. All are available from this website.

In Leviticus chapters 13-15 God gave us some sound basic advice on how to stay healthy. However because of a possibly poor translation, “leprosy”; many of us, including most of the medical profession, may have missed what God was really trying to tell us. Maybe what God was trying to say was “keep the fungus out!” of our bodies and our dwellings. Since He inspired Moses to devote 3 chapters to it, it may be important.

The Fungus Link takes an unorthodox look at some of our major health issues. It looks through a different knowledge filter. This book may be a good start on understanding and dealing with a potentially very serious problem.  &


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