Volume 11, Number 1, July-August 2007
Port Austin Bible Campus Update

We want to thank everyone who has been of help to us. We are able to produce this Servants’ News and hope to be able to produce it regularly in the future. We have sent e-mail updates every couple of months; if you do not receive them, but would like to, see the box, below.

We are continuing our efforts to establish a Christian Community here at Port Austin with an emphasis on teaching young people. Our trip to the Church of God (Seventh Day) convention convinced us even more of the importance. Many of the young people there want to follow in the footsteps of their parents. They want to obey God and keep the Sabbath. They love to come there and be among friends. But seven days is not long enough to make life-long close friends. It certainly is not long enough to decide whether or not one wants to consider marriage.

With small churches spread throughout the country, how do young people keep their relationship with God, prepare for a job, get a job and find someone of like belief to marry?

One solution with which I have had personal experience: Caring Christians in areas where there are many young believers find a place to live and a suitable job for a young person from a sparse area. This allows the young person to remain in a Christian environment and get to know many other young people. I think this is a wonderful idea and I encourage other Christians to do this as they are able.

But most young people do not have this option available to them. That is why we hope to add PABC to their list of options. At the next Church of God (Seventh Day) convention, two years from now, we hope PABC will be ready to have a booth, make a presentation, and be ready to accept young people. We hope to be able to make presentations to many other Sabbatarian groups, both at local congregations and at Feasts.

Several good things have happened in the past few months:

The trial date with Terry Williams has been delayed until November 1 & 2, 2007. We would like to be finished before that, but it will give us one more chance to try to settle with him in accordance with 1 Corinthians 6:1-11. As Mr. Williams will not communicate directly with us, we repeat our offer that if any brethren are able to arrange a meeting between him and us, we will be there.

* If the case goes to trial, we have considered a number of possible outcomes of the trial, and have a plan, God willing, to continue our work here for each of them,

The water and sewer system that services our property and others in the area (Norman Edwards is Secretary-Treasurer of its board) is now operating without losing money. Technical and billing problems have been solved.

Our garden and chickens are producing very well, keeping our expenses to a minimum.

There is other good news, but certain aspects of it need to remain confidential for now, so we will write about it in the next issue.

We hope that brethren will make an effort to visit PABC if they can, either during a Feast or some other time that is convenient. We have over-night rooms available nearly all of the time.

We welcome questions and comments and will try to print as many as we can in our letters section.

Our financial situation is still very tight—with essential money coming to us only weeks or days before we need it. But as long as God leaves the door open with enough space to walk through, we will keep going—even if we have to fast and further tighten our belt to fit through the door.

May the Eternal bless you all. &


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