Who Will be at Port Austin Bible Campus?

By Norman Edwards


We are frequently asked, “Who’s at PABC and what do they do?” The following chart lists the people who are currently living at PABC, recently lived at PABC, or who are making firm plans to come. Some intend to live there for the rest of their lives; some people are planning to soon move on. The purpose is for each individual to both learn in and serve the community as much as possible.

Community members are not necessarily divided into “teachers” and “students”. In the areas of music and writing, for example, the young people seem to have more skill than the older ones. Teaching methods vary based upon the number of people. For very small groups, it is often easier if the experienced person simply works together with one or two other inexperienced people. For larger groups, a more formal class-type structure is better. At present, most things are being done on a mentor-apprentice basis.

The list below is not an exhaustive list of abilities, responsibilities or interests, but is enough to give an idea to those who might be interested in coming. We are always looking for more people with varying skills and a desire to learn. Please contact us at PABC@PortAustin.net or 989-738-7700.




Date Arrived or Planning to Arrive

Skills and Interests

Beltz, Jonathan (planning to come)


June 2006

Music: composing, singing, guitar, drums, recording; landscaping; construction

Beltz, Rick and Eileen (planning to come)


February 2006

Writing and publishing (former editor of the Churches of God News); computers (years of programming experience); small business management, commercial housekeeping, food preparation and service

Buckman, Bill (at PABC)


September 2004

Library science; biblical chronology and archeology; proofreading; construction and maintenance; agriculture

DeLong, Anna (at PABC)


July 2004

Sports; writing; proofreading; literature; artistic design; music: composing, singing, guitar, recording; food preparation and service; construction

DeLong, David and Linda (at PABC)


August 2005

30-year minister with the Church of God Seventh Day; Bible teaching; writing; working with young people; construction; maintenance; farming.

DeLong, Joe (at PABC)


August 2005

Music: guitar, bass, composing; computers; artistic design

Edwards, James (at PABC)


August 2004

Music: piano, bass; writing; computers. James is being home-schooled by his brother, Josh, and mother

Edwards, Jesse (At PABC)


June 2006

Music: drums, keyboard; drama; sports (Jesse is a Junior at Spring Vale Academy, the Church of God, Seventh Day boarding school 2.5 hours away in Owosso, Michigan.)

Edwards, Josh (at PABC)


August 2004

Music: piano, drums, guitar, bass, composing, arranging, recording; drama; sports; writing; education; construction; accounting

Edwards, Norman & Marleen (at PABC)


August 2004

Writing; Bible teaching; computers; church congregation and ministry organization and management; education; gardening and food preparation

Kendall, Dan (planning to come)


January 2006

Auto mechanics; ministry to young people

Parr, Jimmie (at PABC)


July 2005

Formerly held an ASE Master Automobile Technician Certification and is in the process of taking tests to renew it; agriculture (### degree)—, small engine repair, writing, construction

Qavah, John & Karina (planning to come)


October 2006

Author of Blueprints of the Kingdom—Moving Beyond the Church/Synagogue Paradigm book on Biblical community living as found in the scriptures. Experience in business, building maintenance, bio-diesel fuel production.

Steinmetz, Kezia (no longer at PABC)


June 2005

Accounting; food preparation and service

Zaeske, Michael (planning to come)


April 2006

Master Electrician license and years of facilities management experience; political science studies; various biblical studies.