PABC’s First “Success” Story

Kezia (pronounced KET-zee-uh) Steinmetz is the first young person at PABC to move away from campus and onto other parts of her life. Kezia graduated from Spring Vale Academy, which is located in Owosso, Michigan, on May 28, 2005. Kezia moved to PABC after graduation. She took time to think about the priorities of her life and study the Bible. She frequently joined other PABC members for trips to Owosso where she kept in contact with spiritual mentors there.


Kezia became the accounts payable clerk for PABC and took full responsibility for preparing one meal per day for the twelve campus members. She had little previous experience in these areas and no formal schooling in them.


Kezia also used her time and PABC’s facilities to take the tests and gain the practice necessary to obtain a Michigan driver’s license. Spring Vale Academy, where Kezia previously attended, is a wonderful boarding high school sponsored by the Church of God, Seventh Day, but does not currently provide a way for students to obtain a driver’s license.


Kezia has been a blessing to PABC: she is a hard worker, consistently punctual, and is an outstanding example of neatness and orderliness. During her stay she maintained a peaceful disposition, but was quite able to ask the right questions when teachings or work instructions did not make sense. Kezia is now on her own, living in an apartment in Owosso with a close friend.