By Rick Beltz


The observance of the Feast of Tabernacles in beautiful Port Austin was very inspiring and encouraging. Port Austin is located at the tip of the thumb of Michigan, right on Lake Huron. Daily attendance was close to 40 with a total of 50 people present at some time. Some attendees traveled all the way from Colorado and British Columbia. Our theme of studying people of faith was very interesting, covering Jesus, Paul and Samuel from the Bible, to reformation men and women and some of our day who escaped a life of sin and accomplished great spiritual feats.


A number of people stayed on the Port Austin Bible Campus itself while others chose local motels for their temporary dwellings. Three full meals were served daily on campus in the comfortable dining hall—with wine, special decorations and candles on the Sabbaths. Other activities included a Bible bowl for both young and older alike, a racquetball tournament, and a pie-making afternoon for the young people. A hastily-prepared talent night, hosted by campus resident Jimmie Parr, turned out to be both entertaining and a smashing success. Three Bible studies were also held during the Feast, including an open forum on prophecy, spiritual gifts & healing and part of the Book of Romans. In addition, much prayer was evident, including a morning prayer meeting held daily in the dining hall before breakfast.


Messages were presented by John Krneta, Bill Buckman, Jimmie Parr, Andy Sanford, Leo Bredehoft, Norman Edwards and Rick Beltz. Much singing and instrumental music added to the atmosphere of rejoicing. Overall, the Feast in Port Austin was very inspiring, warm, prayerful and overflowing with brotherly love. It was definitely one of the most unforgettable Feasts we have ever attended!


The method used to organize this Feast is similar to the one used last year in Port Austin and at the 2003 Feast in Manville, Illinois. Sign-up sheets were placed on the tables at the beginning the Feast for messages, music, special music, prayers, activities and other functions. Some brethren even brought some of their best educational videos and shared them with the group. Everyone who wanted to participate in these things had a chance—and nobody had much right to complain!


We hope to have over 100 people at Port Austin for the Feast in 2006. We hope that brethren will begin planning now for the October 7-14 Feast (Sabbath to Sabbath).