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Jan/Feb 2003

Two Aspects of God

The two articles listed below represent two important aspects of God. On the one hand, He works in a spiritual way (John 4:21). He gave all people a spirit so that we can understand the spiritual “things of man” (1Cor 2:11; Eccl 12:7). These things include the meaning of life, morality, beauty, history, eternity, art, musical harmony, drama, etc. These are things that people understand, and animals do not. The understanding of these things and the understanding of God Himself is greatly enhanced by the Spirit of God (1Cor 2:10–11, John 14:26).The article Beholding the Lord in Our Presence is about using the Spirit of God to control the big issues of our life.

On the other hand, God is also the Creator of precise physical details. He made the vastness of the universe and the complexity of life on earth—and He did an unsurpassable job (Gen 1:31; Eccl 3:11). Also, by His Spirit, God gives people the ability to do detailed work and create beautiful things (Ex 31:2–5). The article The Mechanics of the Law and Its Biblical Application explains some of the technical details of how laws work. Someone must know and apply these principles for a congregation or community to function.

— Norman Edwards

Beholding the Lord in Our Presence

The Mechanics of the Law and Its Biblical Application


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