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Jul/Aug 2002

An Open Letter to All God’s Christians


Lately I’ve been thinking about the subject of the Gospel going to the whole world. My personal thoughts are that God has yet reserved for Himself a people to deliver this gospel message. Some true believers have already been prepared and some are being prepared now, but I believe this is a small number, just as God chose Gideon’s small army to destroy the enemy. These are the loyal and faithful servants of God Most High and are living examples of the Gospel message of obedience that the Father gave to Christ. This message reveals there is a plan of salvation for mankind and how one enters God’s spiritual kingdom.

We all know that Christ was put to death because He preached the gospel message about the salvation of mankind. I also believe the Apostles were killed for the same reason. Satan attempted to annihilate all true believers because he thought the gospel message would go out to the whole world during that time in history, and then the end (and also Satan’s end) would come. Although the apostles preached the true gospel message, it was not allowed to go to the whole world because it was not God’s timing and the end had not yet come. During the following 2,000 years, there were groups that preached a message about end-time prophecies, a physical kingdom ruled by Christ for 1,000 years, or even a message of grace without obedience. But, Brethren, these messages were not the gospel, and God’s timing had not arrived to deliver the true gospel. God would not have allowed the true gospel message to be preached to the entire world as a witness at any other time but the end time, because it is only for the end time. The true gospel is how one is born into the spiritual kingdom of God. This true gospel message is clearly explained in my article, “Understanding the Keys to the Kingdom of God”.

Soon there will be a great movement to send the gospel around the world, followed by a great persecution of those who take this message. Christ promised in Matt 24:14, “And this gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” We know the Bible says that God’s word will not return void. This will be the type of thing that will turn the world upside down as it did in Paul’s days. The spotlight will be on this gospel message about salvation, which will cause everyone to be curious about it. Satan knows that if he can stop this gospel message, then the end will not come. Satan will surely again be stirred to action to stamp out this message (and the messengers) from going to all ends of the earth. Make no mistake, Satan knows that when the true gospel goes out to the whole world, his time is almost up and that he will soon be destroyed in the Lake of Fire. For more information about Satan’s death, read my article, “The Truth About Heaven and Hell”.

We can all take comfort in Rev 3:8, where God states that He will open a door for the Church. I believe this door allows us to preach this gospel message about the salvation of mankind to all the world. God says no one will be able to close this door. And, God’s Word says that many of the saints will be protected and spared from the coming times of trouble (Rev 3:10).

Brethren, I believe that we must do the work God has entrusted to us. Of course, this is done through the power and strength of Christ, His Son. Let’s look for any doors being opened by Christ. We need to take this calling seriously and personally seek opportunities to be involved with proclaiming the gospel. I am calling on all Christians everywhere to put their differences aside and with one accord to financially support those individuals who are incurring cost in order to proclaim the true gospel message. I am also contributing financially in this way. We also need to diligently seek God’s help and strength so we will live a righteous life and be worthy to take the gospel message to the world because it is a righteous message. Brethren, we look forward to that day when we hear those profound words of the Father and Son, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Your brother in Christ,

— John Eastman


Norm Edwards Comments:

I agree with John Eastman’s concluding thought: Many of us are too worried about our day to day problems and not enough concerned if Christ will say “well done” to us in the end. As sure as His creation stands before us each day, the Creator is watching to see what we do each day.

Do we live for Him as we go through our daily tasks? Is God in our long-term planning? Are we searching for opportunities to teach and serve others in the name of Christ? Or are we primarily interested in gaining knowledge for ourselves? I know some of us brethren work very hard serving God; may He bless and strengthen you. Those who are looking for a way to serve should keep praying and be patient—God will show them. I think we need spirit-filled brethren more than we need money, but I am also amazed that many believers make little attempt to help pay for the literature that regularly spiritually feeds them.

I do not have scriptural proof or a revelation saying, “God must do a major gospel-preaching work with us in the next few years.” I believe the gospel was preached in the first century as Mark 16:20 says: “And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs. Amen.” The Gospel has certainly been preached at other times to varying degrees, and almost certainly will be preached again in the future. I do not know the exact timing of God’s plans.

John the Baptist was the greatest man yet he did not understand the timing of Christ’s ministry and spent his last days in prison and was later executed (Matt 11:3, 11; 14:3–12). The individual examples of faith in Hebrews 11 sometimes accomplished great things in the sight of God and the world, but at other times were impoverished and ignored. We must realize that God does not have to use us (see next article), but ask Him to use us anyway. “Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his master made ruler over his household, to give them food in due season? Blessed is that servant whom his master, when he comes, will find so doing” (Matt 24:45–46).

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